On Adsense and Affiliate Programs

internetIn my own attempt to start making money online through affiliate marketing and adsense, I learned that it needs a waiting time before you can realize some results. It’s just like planting crops. You must first do some work then wait for it to grow before you can finally make a harvest.

I was sold into the hype of easily making hundreds of bucks by just slapping adsense on your site. So easy I thought. I will just create several content sites and let it be found by people and let them have their clicking spree. It’s almost effortless nowadays to create sites especially that there are lots of website generating softwares out there.

However, the challenge lies on your knowledge and ability to drive a lot of organic traffic to that new site. A daily flow of fresh visitors from the search engines is where most of the meat would come from since most clickers are ordinary surfers.

This means that if your site is new you have to wait for it to grow. You may need to perform a little SEO and get it indexed by the search engines. You may also need to build links with other related sites. But don’t overdo your SEO and link building campaign because you might just be wasting your time. Search engines algorithms seems to be changing constantly.

counting moneyOn the other hand, making sales with affiliate products is honestly not that easy especially for beginners like me. It’s very rare making a sale by just placing affiliate banners on your blog’s sidebar because most people will not buy impulsively. Not unless if you are really popular and influential such as johnchow or problogger.

Most buyers need to be informed first. This is why most successful affiliates would advice that you have to set-up a content-based affiliate site wherein you have to “educate” and pre-sell your prospects so that they will be warmed up and ready to buy when you direct them to your merchant’s site.

Just like adsense sites, your affiliate sites needs some waiting especially if you depend on search engines for ready to click and ready to buy traffic. The good thing in here is that you can actually combine adsense and affiliate contents. They compliment each other.

As a novice blogger, those are some lessons learned while maintaining this blog. Waiting is a step itself. Haste may only waste your efforts. Just keep writing.


  • Eric - InfiniteWebProfit

    For beginners, yes it’s important to maintain a consistent blogging schedule, but be sure to not publish too low-quality content.
    I just stumble on a blog today this is what I learned upon reading. For a blog to be able to make money, consider not reversing the proper steps in blogging.
    a. Build useful content.
    b. Attract targeted traffic.
    c. Monitize with affiliate programs or ads.

  • jjmomscashblog

    Hi Freezine, Great article, very informative especially about the waiting game. I think we expect instant gratification when it comes to the internet, we think by putting up an ad or adding a button that people will click on them and we make money. It is like planting a crop, we have to wait to harvest! Thanks for the reminder…

  • freezine

    Thanks Eric for that invaluable tip.

  • internet 4 money

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