Myster-E-Mail is Now Closed to Future Signups?

For three months I stop logging in to my accounts with the different paid-to-click and paid-to-read sites because I became so busy with other works. For some reason I was reminded to visit one of my most respected PTR sites – Myster-E-Mail. I was surprised to learn that it is closing permanently, some time in August; after all currently running ads will expire. As of February 24, 2008 it is closed to new signups.

Myster-e-mail is basically a paid-to-read email program where you earn money online by receiving and reading email ads. Aside from merely reading emails, there are several ways to earn but you have to search for it. That’s why it is called by its name – you have to solve mysteries. You’ve got to keep looking. It’s just like hunting for hidden treasures and that’s how this site works.

Like all PTC sites, you will not earn hundreds or even thousands from this program but it’s certainly one of the best paying and honest paid-to sites out there. You can quickly and easily receive what you’ve earned on a regular basis. You don’t need to wait until the end of the month or meet some minimum payouts before getting the reward for your effort. If you have only $0.01 in your account they will sent it to you.

I was actually paid two times already. It was the very first online payment ever made on my Paypal account.. haha. Too bad I didn’t really do my part as member – for the benefit of both the program and myself. Sometimes, like in relationships, you will only realize the value of something when it is already gone.