My Top Ten Entrecard Droppers For May

Just when was the time I joined the Entrecard community? It’s only a month now and I guess it really helped this new blog rise from the 10Millionth rank, for both Technorati and Alexa, into its current 1Millionth position. I hope it would climb to the 500,000th next month.

I think Entrecard is a great way to share or advertise your blog, gain traffic, and stumble new sites. You’ll really discover and learn new things from reading tons of post. If you haven’t tried Entrecard on your blog yet, then we suggest you should sign up. It’s free and easy to use.

Entrecard Droppers

As a sign of gratitude to my top ten regular Entrecard droppers for May, here are their respective links. Feel free to visit them as they are one of the most entertaining and friendly sites I’ve ever read.

BaReFooTeD Me
Sonnie’s Porch
Treasure Nature
Money Maker Times
Prove Me Wrong
Pinay Mommy Online
Blanca DeBree Blog
Avon Romance Blog

By the way, I’m using the “Entredroppers” plugin on my sidebar. It is labeled “Recent Droppers”. This plugin creates an automatically updated list of my 10 recent droppers and creates a link to the dropper’s site. I set the link to “dofollow” so you’re actually earning a backlink and a Technorati blog reaction from this site every time you drop.

Unfortunately this is only available for WordPress users. If you use WordPress you can download this plug-in from You may also want to enlist your site here so you will be exchanging drops with other blogs that are currently utilizing the entredropper plug-in.