My SEO Recipe Review

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting your websites ranked at the number one spot of the big G – Google. Even if you cannot get the coveted top spot, getting on the 1st page of Google can increase your online income by leaps and bounds!

When I first started out in SEO, I always hear that getting to the top positions on Google will take up to 6 or 8 months of hard, tedious work that breaks your back and takes away your time doing more productive things like improving your content and thinking of ways to provide more value to your customers. Even then, results are pretty unpredictable.

But I chose not to believe that. I thought to myself, “There’s got to be an easier way…” If only I could tap into the brain of a SEO expert who will show me exactly what I need to do to accelerate the process.

That is what Joe Bradley’s SEO recipe did.

The report comes in the form of a 52-page PDF explaining in detail the 10 steps Joe took to bring websites to top rankings in Google. With careful instructions and screenshots, Joe brings the reader through the entire SEO process from keyword research, keyword domain buying, creating a blog, to onsite and offsite optimization etc. Also included in this report are screenshots of real life results of the websites he build using his SEO recipe. He even created a checklist that you can use for every website you create so that you don’t have to go through the report all over again the next time you want to optimize a new website.

Spelt out in the simplest way, Joe Bradley’s SEO recipe covers the entire A-Z process of getting your website ranked in a basic and workable level. The method has been proven to work and can be easily repeated. What I absolutely love about this WSO is that everything is explained in a step by step manner from start to finish with layman language and screenshots.

The method taught may not be new to experienced SEO guys, but it will definitely be an eye opener for the newbies and intermediates. I would highly recommend this WSO to anyone who is a beginner in SEO and wants to get your website ranked on page 1 of Google easily and effectively. Not to mention, those having trouble ranking websites will also find this an excellent resource to implement.

There’s bound to be something for the existing SEO practitioners as well. You might just find some nuggets here and there which may help to tweak your current SEO process and improve it. In addition, Joe actually included his own list of resources inside the report. Going through the list, you might pick out strategies or tactics you have missed or are unaware of. SEO is ever-changing so it is always good to test and continue to incorporate other methods. In this case what is currently working for Joe may not be in your arsenal of tools yet!

Many products out there often complicate the SEO process and thus readers frequently get confused trying to learn this skill. However, this SEO recipe is easy to understand and actually keeps the reader on track in doing things right and not missing out anything.

I would have simply told you not to buy this eBook because I hate to see these "secrets" get out to the public. However, this product is so good I just can’t keep my mouth shut about it. Overall, Joe Bradley’s SEO Recipe is an excellent choice if you are looking for something that can power up your SEO efforts and improve your online income by leaps and bounds!

I hope you like my review… Be sure to grab this product by clicking on the link below now!