My First JV Giveaway Event Participation

I was deleting hundreds of spam messages on my free email account on Yahoo when my long lost curiosity got caught with the subject line that goes something like this “Build Your List Fast With This New Year’s JV Giveaway event”.

Legitimate Writing Jobs OnlineI can’t remember the exact line, can’t even remember the entire content of the message. What I can recall is that I just clicked on that link from that Joint Venture (JV) Giveaway event email and the last thing I know is that I instantly signed up as one of the contributors… even paid for the upgrade option.

The next few days I got myself very busy preparing my own giveaway gift that I almost skipped eating my meals. And then after that I was already searching for other joint venture giveaway listings over at Google. Dang my dong they got me hooked, huh!

Over the past months I’ve been making money online using simple search engine optimization techniques. Most of the income I made online comes from affiliate product sales as well as Adsense. Well, it’s not really that big money yet but it’s well enough to support my ever hungry stomach, pay for my two webhosting accounts as well as pay for several membership sites that I’ve fallen victim into.

Yay, these membership sites got me hooked. Lol.. Anyway, I am hoping to build my own long term online business using the internet marketing tools and products from those membership sites.

Okay that’s some useless nonsense about my online moneymaking gig. Let’s go back to our topic about Giveaway events.

People who use this marketing system say that it’s an incredible way to build a list. Some internet marketers claim that this is the fastest way in which they were able to build a massive list in just a short time.

Is this true? Is it easy to build a massive list with joint venture giveaway events?

Well, I think it depends on someone’s skill and resources. It may also depend on how that marketer promotes the giveaway event he/she is involved with. It may also be greatly influenced by how targeted or relevant that contributor’s gift to the giveaway members.

How important is list building anyway?

You may have heard of the common marketing phrase “money is in the list”. You may also hear a lot of internet marketers singing the same song.

They say if you have 10,000’s of email subscribers then you could easily make $$$ of money online by selling to them over and over again… even for the years to come. Simply promote some relevant or helpful products to your email subscribers and when some of them make that purchase you make easy money online.

That makes it seem to be an easy business model, very appealing indeed. It makes me think and reconsider my internet marketing focus.

But just like other online business models, it could take a lot of your time and patience especially if you want to make serious big money on the internet. The system maybe too simple to set up and accomplish but acquiring that massive list doesn’t come in a silver platter as many internet marketers love to say when they are selling their money making wares to you.

So, is joining JV Giveaway events really worth your time?

Okay, for this time I will just share some quick insight as I observed from the recent giveaway event I got hooked into. I’m still experimenting on with this marketing model so please don’t take this as a serious advice from me.

As a responsible online money maker to yourself you should exercise necessary precaution when applying what you read from make money online blogs like these. Results always vary and what work for me may not always work for others. In short, please don’t take the content of this post as legal advice, lol.

But what the hell is a jv giveaway event?

You maybe reading up to this line but still wondering what I am talking about.

It is simply a site designed by savvy internet marketers for the purpose of extending their list as well as making some quick bucks on the sideline. It is usually set up by listbuilders who agree to make use of their own list to help build the lists of all other members involved.

This gives the opportunity for other hopeful marketers to increase the size of their list as they will be taking advantage of the combined power of all the other list builders who are participating.

Now to be able to collect subscribers into your email list you need to submit one or two free products (in my case I was allowed to contribute up to five) along with your own squeeze page where interested members will sign up when they want to download that free product.

What you need.

When joining giveaway events the first thing you need to have is a product of your own. Of course, you can make use of private label products (PLR) products but the disadvantage here is that you will be competing with other members who may be contributing the same PLR gift that you have.

If the administrator rules out those only unique gifts will be accepted into the system, approval of the same gift on the system will be on a first come first serve basis.

Changing the cover and other graphical representation of the giveaway gift but you could be losing your subscribers respect if he/she will discover you offered the same content that the other contributor has.

The second thing you need to have is the ability to drive traffic to your referral to that giveaway event you are a member of. This can be as easy as eating biscuits if you are the marketer who has already that big list under your belt. But if you’re the dude like me who’s still starting from zero then it might be harder than chewing that biscuit.

Yes you need to promote that event so that you can help bring those noobs and freebie seekers to come and loot the joint venture site. Just kidding here, but seriously inviting other contributors and members to the fair will somehow help your gift get ranked higher on the gift page.

The joint venture giveaway script was designed that way so that those who do more to promote the giveaway and bring in new members will receive greater rewards for their efforts.

For every new member you send to the site through your referral link you receive points that can be used towards giving your gift a higher rank on the site. The higher your gift is ranked the more likely it is to be seen which means a better chance for getting new sign-ups for your list.

Okay we’re getting a little bit too serious and bookish here but that’s generally how most giveaway events work. There’s more to learn about this marketing method and we can’t really cover them all in just one blog post. Anyway I will be posting more about my experience on my future posts.

Before I conclude, maybe you’re interested to know the result of my first jv giveaway participation. So how did it go for me?

Hmmm, I would say phenomenal.

I got 24 visits on my squeeze page on the first eight hours of the launch date. Yep, you read it right 24 lost noobs and freebie hunters.

How many sign ups?

Four confused little Indians, lol.