Multiple Blogs in One WordPress Installation

Most of the WordPress installation we use (for those who are using self-hosted WordPress platforms) is a single-blog version and if you want to create another blog you have to install another set of WordPress. While it can be still manageable if you have only around 10 blogs with corresponding 10 WP installations, it would become a tedious job if you want to create more than 10 niche blogs.

I’ve been Googling for guides and tips on how to create multiple blogs in just one single WP installation. I found some scripts but there were no step by step guide provided. Besides, the program’s seem buggy so I have to search for some trustable software.

I ended up instead with WordPress MU, a multi-user designed WP platform where you can run unlimited blogs, with unlimited authors on them, and even allow users who don’t have any blogs at all. You can even run hundreds of thousands of blogs, that is if your hosting account can handle it.

I see some fun in exploring this multi-user WP installer. I also see some kind of opportunities with this so I might be busy tinkering with it. For the meantime, I’ll be publishing here some insightful articles about blogging, make money online, and other internet marketing stuffs.