Money Making Goldmines!

Many internet marketers are claiming that one of the easiest and most profitable money making avenues online is by selling digital information products such as eBooks, softwares and graphics. They say it’s very easy to create, easy to setup, and sells like crazy.

But what if you don’t really have the time and knowledge to create such money making stuffs.

Look for digital products with PLR (Private Label Rights) and/or master resale rights (MRR) license in it.

PLR license gives you the right to reedit, rebrand the product, and claim it as your own. Many PLR’s allow you to do anything you like with it. Meaning you can use the content on your website, use a bonus to products you’re selling, or simply give it away.

MRR simply means you can everything you wish after purchasing the product with the license rights. You can resell it and keep 100% of the profits. Give it away to increase your subscribers and build your list. You can also include it as a bonus with your own product.

Just recently I found a money making goldmine. This is the simplest money making idea EVER!

  • Download one file at a time or many. No need to download an entire Zip File just to find one file!
  • All Working Links, 1000’s of Products!
  • Spyware, Virus Free.. Guaranteed
  • High Quality Products!
  • The Last PLR Package you will need!
  • Full Ownership Rights! Sell or give away
  • Many Products with complete sales pages
  • Full Software Applications with Source Code
  • FREE Master Resale Rights

If you’re an eBook collector like me, you can add them to your library of eBooks or you can repackage them and resell them – keeping 100% of the profits!

Note: This amazing package contains a MASSIVE collection of PLR and MMR Products over 10 GB but you get it only for a beers worth of bucks.

The total money making package include:

  • Affiliate PLR/MRR Collection
  • Article PLR/MRR Collection
  • Audio / Video PLR/MRR Collection
  • Ultimate Newsletter Templates
  • Auction PLR/MRR Collection
  • Blog PLR/MRR Collection
  • Gambling PLR/MRR Collection
  • Google PLR/MRR Collection
  • Graphics & Web Design PLR/MRR Collection
  • Pop Ups PLR/MRR Collection

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Update May 31, 2009:

Disclaimer: You may or may not make money with this PLR and MRR products. It depends on how you sell it online.

Don’t mind the hype. I was a total beginner when I wrote this one.

Most  people who are successful selling stuffs like this are those with large email list or thousands of email subscribers. You can also sell it with your own money making online business site but you should have a great amount of targeted traffic daily.

Anyway, I think the price is reasonable which you can only get for less than 10 bucks. There are so many ways you can use it aside from selling to make quick money.

Try using the PLR ebooks as a source of content to any niche website that you may want to create and then moneytize it with Adsense. Of course, it is of more advantage if you do some rewriting.

You can also try creating a dedicated site giving away the PLR products and when traffic starts to come you can then monetize it with Adsense or sell advertising space on your site or blog.

If you’re just collecting ebooks for the sake of being one of your hobby, then you could have found one of the greatest collections you could ever have. Just follow the link above if you want to see the entire “money making” PLR collection.