Is There Money To Be Made Online?

It always occurs to me that most of my long time friends who are working in other countries don’t have any interest about making money online. Whenever we have some conversations in the chat rooms one of the things they always ask me is about what I’m doing to make a living. But the funny thing is that they ignore me like a dork when I start to mention about online business.

They just casually say, is there money to be made online? And then move on to ask so many other usual questions like; when will you get married? Do you have a girlfriend already? What’s the news there?

On the other hand, I also see lots of internet surfers asking the same type of question on Google and Yahoo. Most of the questions although structured in various sentences can be summarized into one simple question; is there money online? Here are some of the actual questions:

moneycaseAre there any online jobs or ways to make money that aren’t scams?
Of course there is. You can find hundreds of genuine ways to make money online which are not scams.

But keep in mind that there are no get rich quick schemes. Just like working in the offline world you should be willing to put in the time and work, then you can earn some money.

Is there an easy way to make money online for free or for little cost?
A guys reply: You can try blogging, everybody it’s earning money from blogging, it requires really low investment, like hosting + domain, the rest it’s up to your creativity.

You can sell stuffs on Ebay, answer paid surveys, or you can simply start a blog although making money from blogs usually takes time.

Is there any easy way to make money online?
Someones reply: No easy ways, but there are methods i.e. buying and selling stuff on ebay… Do you have any talents for making things? You can always sell those on ebay…

I have already talked about that here: Want To Make Easy Money Online?

Are there any ways to make money online that actually work?
If you’re keen on seeking easy ways to some little bucks from the web, then why not try affiliate marketing?

Making money from home requires some kind of being smart and being disciplined that most don’t realize until they have gotten into it. Many people who do not do well online could be suffering from this problem.

Is there any legitimate way to earn money online without starting a business?
One of the best reply: There are a lot of ways to make money online. The problem is that without prior knowledge of the industry you’re a bit limited. Unless of course you come across one of those schemes that actually pay off.

If you just want to earn some bucks without the need to start an online business then you could make money writing online, offer freelance jobs, work from home as a virtual assistant, and sell affiliate products.

I want to make money online with something that works. What is the best program out there?
So what do you think is the best money making program?

If you were asked these questions what would you say? You can leave your comments below.