Making Money On The Internet For Free For Beginners

In every venture be it making money online or pursuing your personal passion, we all start as beginners.  In every challenge that you want to conquer there is always a struggle. In the business of making money on the internet, it is natural to hear questions like “Is there really money to be made online?” and “How could I make money using the internet”?

Many folks want to earn some bucks without having to spend a dime and so they search for ways to make money online for free.  A lot of smart online marketers know this beginner’s urgency to earn quick dollars and so they create free earning programs such as paid-to-click (PTC), paid-to-read emails (PTR), and paid-to-answer surveys. These make money programs are generally called as get-paid-to or GPT’s.

katrinaWhile I am not saying that these programs won’t make you money, it may only waste your time and effort especially if you don’t know what you are doing. When I first started to venture into earning a living through the internet, the very first programs I got involved was mostly on GPT programs. I actually spent more than three months joining every PTC and PTR programs but never made any considerable income from it. Contrary to all the hypes, earning extra bucks online with GPT programs requires at least a little knowledge on internet marketing.

Still a lot of folks, perhaps out of urgent financial need, want to quickly make a thousand dollar in just a short period of time.  Most of them thought that earning dollars through the net is just like picking apples without using a ladder.

Many intelligent internet marketers understand this beginner’s mindset and so they create make money products and programs that appeals to them. With that said, it’s not really surprising to see a lot of programs with sales pages which are full of unrealistic claims and promises. And that’s really how smart marketers are making thousands of dollars online.

Ok, I’m not trying to infer that you should start making money on the internet by selling make money programs to other beginners. There are actually hundreds of free ways to earn online without peddling craps to other people. So what are these free methods?

Blogging. This is perhaps one of the most overrated money making medium these days. The most common hype with make money blogging is that you can set up a free blog on, post as many articles as you can slap it with Adsense and affiliate links then you will start making money with it.

To be able to make money from bloggging, you actually have a know-how of how to market your site so that it can be made known to the whole blogosphere that your site exist. For best result, you have to make your site easy to find by searchers. Your blog should be easily found when prospects or surfers type that relevant keyword on search engines.

Affiliate Marketing. This could be one of the quickest but not necessarily very easy to start making a living on the internet. You shoud have some internet marketing skills here.  I can go on and on and discuss all things about earning money as an affilite but I think I would rather direct you to a good affiliate network where you can start learning how to do this business.

Highprofits is one of the affiliate sites where I started to earn some affiliate commissions each month. This program is good especially for beginning affiliate marketers. Just join as an affiliate and then find the Workshop section where you can find lots of helpful information and guides about this lucrative industry. Belowe is an outline of the things you will learn:

Step 1: Launching Your First Website:

  • Introduction
  • Choose and download a FREE review website
  • Choosing your domain name
  • Set-up your domain name and web-hosting account
  • Editing your site with NVU web editor
  • Uploading your website

Step 2: Free Traffic Generation:

  • Introduction
  • Email your friends
  • Create your free article submission accounts
  • Link directories
  • Social bookmarking
  • Social backlinks
  • Blogging
  • Squidoo
  • Forum posting

Step 3: Paid Traffic Generation:

  • Pay Per Click Ads
  • Ad Networks

Step 4: Search Engine Optimisation:

  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation
  • Building up Backlinks

Step 5: Email marketing

  • How to build a profitable list of subscribers using Aweber