Making Easy Money On Facebook

This week I spent a lot of time trying to find legitimate ways on how to really make money on Facebook. I observed a lot of folks out there particularly internet marketers joining groups and fan pages and then mindlessly promoting their affiliate links. As I mentioned in this post most of the links lead to money making programs that I am always trying to avoid like plague especially in the arena of internet marketing. Mostly are that sort of MLM programs that entice you to pay a membership of $25 or so and you will be making $1000’s in a month or two.

Well, I’m not saying that’s not possible. It can be achieve if you’re the guy with big list to promote your newfound online dollar goldmine. We’re getting out of topic here.

By the way there are some folks I know who are wondering how does Facebook make money. Well, one way that Facebook gets its thousands of profits is through their advertising program. The process is very simple. Advertiser pays money for his ads to be broadcasted and seen by millions and Facebook simply rakes in the profits. Of course, that’s very obvious but for those who’s looking for the answer then it could be worth mentioning here.

I tried searching Google and I found a lot of programs about how you can make money on Facebook. Wild claims such as “Make $100 a day using Facebook”, “Making $500 per day with Facebook Fan Pages”, and a thousand more convulvulated hypes almost made me sick like a stricken donkey and almost forgot my job of creating reputable sites that would eventually make me money in the long run.

Most of the make money Facebook eBooks and reports talk about creating Fan Pages and the method they suggest goes through the same process:

  • create your own fan page using iFrames
  • target a niche that
  • make a title could become viral
  • get thousands of members who will like your page
  • and then make the most of that page by building your list or simply monetize it with CPA programs

Make money on Facebook chasing beautiful chicksWhile there are those lucky folks who easily earn an insane amount of moolah through that popular site, I could very well say that not every Joe and Jane does too. I’m not trying to say that you can’t make money with Facebook. You can if you have the desire and will to do what it takes.

Go on and buy those programs that teach you how to create your own Fan Pages and learn how to promote them. Or you could simply search Google and you’ll find a lot of tutorials and even video courses which are free.

Just like making money by blogging you still need to spend a great deal of time and constant effort in order to achieve the amount of income you are after. Well, no easy money for the lazy folks like me it seems. Good thing that the reality of this internet marketing booger is now getting on me. And I’ll be smarter next time. 😉

If you get reading this far then thanks for your interest and hopefully you’ve got my hidden message. I know I’ll be seeing those spam comments of praises and “thank you”s for sharing which I am now trained to simply hit the empty spam button.