Make Quick Bucks With AdLy

This site is a scam. Please read update below.

Christmas season is here again and perhaps you are looking for ways to earn money quickly. You maybe in need of some cash to buy some Christmas presents for your love ones or you simply want to buy a gadget or something cool that you’ve eyeing to present to yourself especially on special occasions such as this.

Okay, so without further much ado you can head on to and sign up as a publisher and perhaps you can start earning some bucks with this new money making program. is an advertising system that connects you as a top twitter publisher with prominent brands.

As a Twitter publisher enables you to make money from the twits you share on Twitter by sending one Tweet every day from advertisers that you choose to approve. In order to ensure authenticity, every Tweet is explicitly approved by you as a Twitter publisher. You are also able to set the price you want advertisers to pay you and can optionally donate part or all of your earnings to charity.

I can go on and on about describing about this program but what this simply means is that it allows you to make money with your twits. This works by allowing interested advertisers to promote their products or services through your twits. You simply get paid per every tweet you make.

Minimum pay-out is $50. You can claim your payment either via PayPal or by check.

My Personal Review Of is great and you could really earn some easy money using this system if you have large Twitter followers, ideally one thousand above. From what I observe the top earners are not surprisingly those people who are not only prominent on the Twitterspace but are also famous in the entertainment industry. This includes popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Brooke Burke, and Audrina Patridge.

Make money online moguls like John Chow and ShoeMoney can off course make some quick bucks with this as they have some kind of large audiences with their respective blogs. Just one blog post will do the trick for them.

…And for small bloggers?

Well, it could be just some sort of one time money making hit. This means if you can attract some advertisers then well and good. If you know and could easily refer other publishers then you could be earning some more bucks.

Small publishers can still make money off by simply referring other publishers.

Update September 2012: We are not in any way promoting this service anymore since we observed that the program is being used to bring crap traffic to one of our business sites.

Many unscrupulous marketers are using to make money off other people’s website very unethically. It seems that allow its member’s to add any webpage into their system without verifying first whether that person really owns that site/page or not.