Make Money While Generating Traffic To Your Site With Squidoo

Squidoo is claimed to be the world’s most popular site for building free, single pages about your passions. You can build a single page or “lens” about your hobby, your charity, your work, your career, and your favorite websites. By using Squidoo, you can make extra money online while generating traffic to your website.

Why Squidoo?

Squidoo is one of the most popular sites most loved by Google and Yahoo. That means that with the right keywords, every article your write on Squidoo can be easily picked up and indexed by these two giant search engines.

Four Traffic Generation Ideas Using Squidoo

1. Write interesting article. Find a profitable niche and write articles about it then put links in your articles back to your main web site or blog. If other squids find your topic useful and interesting, traffic will flow freely into your website or blog.

2. Share important highlights about your blog. If you are blogging for over a year then you might want to pick some of your most popular post, summarize each of them, and put it into one lens. You can then put links back to your blog.

3. Socialize with other lensmasters. Make friends, join groups, leave comments on other lensmasters works, and then you can ask them to visit your site. Just make sure that you have something special to offer in your site.

4. Create more Squidoo lenses. One lense can be good enough but more lenses that contain links pointing to your site or blog can be tremendous.

How you can make money with Squidoo

  • You earn a share from revenue earned from Google adsense and other advertisements.
  • Earn royalty share from Amazon and Ebay
  • Display your best products and other stuffs on your Squidoo page.
  • Promote your affiliate products.

Please visit the Squidoo website for more information.


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