Make Money Online With Membership Blogs

One of the ways to make money online continuously is through blog memberships. But unless and until your blog has quite an amount of reputation on the net, and is popular, no one would want to pay good money just to visit the blog. But bloggers actually do earn money through memberships.

These bloggers ideally do have membership websites, where they direct the traffic after they have utilized their blogs to get traffic in the first place and use it to monetize the many visitors.

Blogs actually work as a doorway and an access route to membership websites and by combining both these sites, the visitors are turned into members more quickly and effectively and the bloggers themselves can earn constantly and repeatedly through the internet.

A WordPress blog is much, much more than just a blog. Most people don’t know this, but WordPress is an amazing site if you’re on the hunt for content and content rich websites. It also serves the purpose of being a worthy reference of links: it is a superb place to get link lists and directories. It also doubles as a photo storage and gallery and e-commerce purposes as well.

But perhaps one of the most useful aspects of a WordPress blog is the plugin which helps convert a WordPress blog into a membership website which further allows for a way to earn online and serves as a payment gateway.

Surely, the membership plugins helps transform what would have otherwise been a blog into a rich membership oriented website. And the plugins aren’t all that hard to use either.

There is a world of possibilities that is made available once you use this plugin facility in WordPress: with the added advantage of the content rich aspect of WordPress, a WordPress blog is actually converted into a something of a website one would otherwise purchase from online hosting companies, with the difference of being a WordPress blog, the contents that you don’t normally get in host based websites and of course, the plugin system, which goes a long way in raising a WordPress website above other websites.

The plugins themselves are fairly easy to operate and handle: they come bundled and just a few mouse clicks later, you can have a website which manages payments, maintains and takes care of posts , categories and pages.

There are quite a few companies that offer this system. Main features of the plugin are:

  • There are several levels to a membership when using the plugin system. This allows for management of sites not just with a single membership level, but also those which have more than one membership levels.
  • Subscriptions become all the more simple using plugins because essentially the plugins control almost all aspects of subscription in all the levels of membership available. The timings can also be set for collection of subscription: the system is programmed likewise and the time span can be anything from a day to many years. This is dependant on the user’s needs and requirements.
  • As far as protection levels go, this aspect can also be well controlled using plugins, which manages users and what portions of the site they should be allowed to access and which they shouldn’t. There are various levels of memberships, and not all levels can be granted equal access. Access to a section should essentially require the members to have registered in the first, or the entire site can be protected and not just a single section, too. A protected text utilizing messages telling users who aren’t logged in to register so that they can access the entire page or post can also be set up.
  • Along with protecting pages, categories and posts, as mentioned earlier, you can also protect files and links. This helps in several ways, one of which is this: if someone even downloads something or the other from the actual membership site to place in some page, the links will fail to work because of the protection placed on them, thus rendering the download itself defunct.
  • The plugins work with PayPal using their Instant Payment Notification, also known as IPN. What this implies is simple: users of the site are only and fully activated when they have paid. This prevents something like someone ordering and consequently canceling the order in spite having downloaded or accessed something. Only when the customer has paid can he get access to anything. In case of repeating payments, the account is instantly deactivated if payment is not received. The user is notified of the failure of payment and only after he or she has paid can they access anything on the site.
  • Using and installing the plugins is as easy as it gets. All you do is upload the plugin folder to the directory of plugins in the WordPress blog. After having done that, you click the ‘Activate’ button. Then you insert the license key numbers and it can finally fully start working. There is also a full fledged technical support team in case you need any kind of help at all.
  • The inbuilt security system works fine by blocking non-paid access to protected posts and pages. When it detects an error, the plugin marks the protected pages or posts as private and blocks them from everything, including search engines. This is greatly helpful to those who sell access to these contents since he becomes the last one to see these contents become free for all.

Therefore, using plugins is a really good way to transform a WordPress blog into a full fledged membership website. There are almost no difficulties and very little learning curve, and just using your mouse, you can get a brilliant, fully functional website, and bypass all the troubles of html and the like.

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