Make Money Online Using Search Engines

For quite some time, I’ve been observing some of the “little known” but successful blogs and there’s one thing in common that I noticed from their traffic sources. For sure it’s not from Entrecard… lol.

Most of their traffic sources are coming from the 3 major search engines – Google, Yahoo, and MSN. These 3 search engine giants are bringing them the most of their valuable visitors.

People have found their website when they were searching for a product or information. The informative content on their blogs make the visitors pre-sold and they are likely to not only click through an affiliate link but actually buy the product. They also tend to click on any ads on the site that catches their attention.

Let me share this informative article about how to optimize your sites or blogs so that it’ll be listed with these search engines and finally make money with your Adsense or affiliate products.

How to Get Your Site Listed with the Search Engines

Finding the right keywords. These are words found in your website that will attract your targeted market to your website when they are found in the search engines. Keyword research is very important. You will need to find keywords that are high in demand, many searches, and low in supply, less websites.

You can do this by going to and finding the keywords for your site. Then you can go to a program like and find more specialized keywords. You can also use to help you find the niche keywords.

Check out your competition. The 1st ten websites listed in the search engine, will be your competition and you should check out the links they have going to their site. If possible try to get these to your site also. This will help you to get a better position in the search engines.

The most important way of linking is back links. You can get these by article distribution, to all the article directories. This will especially increase your page rank with Google and get you a higher position in their engine.
Google will give special preference to your content and resources for your visitors. Make sure you optimize your content at about 3% for Google and up to 5% for MSN and Yahoo.

Also use anchor links to link your pages and for external links, these will utilize your main keywords and the search engine bots will easily follow them to get around your site and view every page for indexing.

Keep your site ever fresh by adding new content regularly. This will allow the search engines and especially Google to index new pages and increase your PageRank. These are just a few points to help you to keep a good position in the search engines.

So that’s it folks. Maybe it’s time (for me) to apply the basic optimization principles pointed out above.


  • nepspeed82

    It’s really difficult to get traffic from search engines early on if you have a new blog. In one SEO source that I’ve read they’re saying that besides targeted keywords, you also need to be linked by many sites that has equal or higher PR than yours based on your keywords to rank high on your chosen keywords.

  • Bill

    Good article. I get most of my traffic from referring sites, not the search engines. Initially, you will traffic from the engines, until you are more established, then links from other sites will prevail.

  • Vikki

    Very informational article! Thanks for sharing. I’m sure newbies will appreciate this info. 🙂

  • Van

    Ya..Content is KING and SEO is loyal servant 🙂 But very hard to success, a lot of things to do.

  • Bill

    I agree with eveything you say but i am not sure what you mean by back links. Is that getting you blog in all the different blog directories?

  • Nishadha

    It takes time to build up search engine traffic , but they are the ones that spend more time on your site and likely to click your adverts since people coming from search engines are actually looking for something.Number of back links alone is not a key factor in getting high ranks in Search engines , get an article popular in Digg and you’ll see it ranking high soon enough.

  • freezine

    Nepspeed82, thanks for the insight.. it seems frustrating getting traffic from search engines if you’re just starting. It occurs to me that getting backlinks from higher PR sites, nowadays, is not easy anymore – you have to do or give something in exchange.

    Bill, thanks for sharing. I also get most of my traffic from refferring sites especially Entrecard. As you’ve said this is good for new sites. It helps them increase their Alexa rank almost immediately as they go and build backlinks that will get them traffic from search engines in the future.

    Vikki, Thanks… Did you get your dream WordPress theme already?

    Van, they also say Backlinks is QUEEN… so if the queen don’t move the king is as good as inutile :-)… it’s really hard to do all these works if you do it by hand.. Those big guys use softwares and other SEO tools to easily get what they want. Thanks for sharing.

  • freezine

    Bill, Back links, also called inbound links, are one way links that point to your blog or it’s pages. You can actually obtain this via different means such as blog directories (although most of them requires a reciprocal link), other sites or blogs, and article directories.

  • Erica

    I found this really helpful. I haven’t tried SEO yet but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

  • Isaiah Roberts

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