Make Money Online: Most Popular Topic on the Blogosphere?

I was wondering what the most popular blog topics in the blogosphere are. As I perform my regular blog hopping it seems that make money online, politics, technology, and personal journals are the ones that I always read about. I did a little research on Google and Yahoo and these are the popular topics I have found so far:

money craze1. Personal Journals

2. Technology

3. Entertainment/celebrity/movies

4. Health/fitness/weight loss

5. Education

6. Politics

7. Culture

8. Sex

9. Make Money Online

10. Blogging

When you are in a community of money bloggers, it is easy to presume that making money online is the most popular topics in the net today. However, this may not the case especially if you go out and explore the whole blogging world. In big social networks such as MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook, blog topics are, of course, more of personal nature.

Some people say that make money online is pretty much a dead topic with no new insights coming in and bloggers taking content from one another. Still, some observe that most of the time the same topics are just rewritten and posted over and over again.

Top bloggers like John Chow and Darren Rowse have successful make money blogging careers by just telling people how to make money online. Although not everybody can follow or equal their success, bloggers who persist on talking about how to make money online can eventually make some money for as long as there are people coming to the internet trying to make money online.

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  • ADIA

    I generally go the way of using blogging mixed with affiliate marketing and Google Adsense to make money online these days. Its not loads, but a nice little earner every month goes to paying some bills 🙂