Make Money Online From Your 404 Pages

Did you know that you could make money from your “404 error pages” ? How? Simply redirect your lost searchers to a money making page. Or with that page itself you can make a special offer at a discounted price, make a squeeze page, or make an Adsense page.

You can learn the exact methods by reading the free marketing eBook called “404 Secrets”. See the download link below. (No opt-in or email address needed).

Of course this won’t make you rich but it will somehow put some money in your pocket. On the other way if you don’t implement this money making idea you can be leaving money on the table. It will also somehow beneficial for you and your lost visitor if there’s something to be seen on that alienated web page.

What are 404 error pages? This is a generic page that appears on the screen when a searcher typed the wrong url of your site. It usually says something like, “The page cannot be displayed,” or “Not Found,” or “The requested URL was not found on this server.”

Most of the times this error happen by mistake but some shady minded people, in many other instances, end up on this page because they are snooping around trying to look for your download page or thank you page. They do this because they want to gain access of the digital products you’re selling without having to pay or opt-in.

To download, just click the link below and the 404 eBook will open in a new tab/window. You may need Adobe Reader to open the files. Click the “Save a Copy” button in the top left corner, to save a copy of the ebook to your computer.

404 Secrets Quick Download


  • Metz - Empty Streets

    An interesting fact 🙂 i guess that is explains those adds when i mistype sometimes hehe 🙂 thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • I have never thought about monetizing a 404 page before but it is really a clever idea. I think that I will have to put together a nice page that will display a few ads and possible generate some new revenue. Thanks for the tip.


  • Lisa

    Interesting idea! Thanks for sharing. =)

  • Greg

    Be careful as I believe it is actually against adsense rules to but adsense on a 404 page, one main reason is because of the lack of content.

  • Georgia

    Hopefully when you build a site you don’t get any 404 errors because they can hurt your seo work but I’ve always put some ads on them just in case 😉

  • Peter Answers

    Google just annoucned a custom 404 generator. I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds interesting and worth looking into to.

  • Biz

    Greg, thanks for the reminder and for the heads up. When this post was written, I forgot about Google’s terms about putting their adsense on 404 pages.

  • Earn Cash Online

    Since I’ve read this blog some time ago for the first time, I’ve googled to it several more times and only today added it to my feed reader. Posts could be posted on a more regular basis.