Make Money Online From Other People’s Content

It may seem to some people that the title is somewhat suspicious or they may think of something that is shady or unethical here. But in search of other ways to make money from the internet, I have just learned that you can make money from other people’s content without having to be shady or unethical.

So how exactly can you make money online from other people’s work or content? Simple. Just take advantage of Private Label Rights (PLR) contents.

Private Label Rights simply means you gain the right to modify or change an original product, create your own specifications, apply modifications then claim it as your own original product. In simple terms, you can rewrite, edit, and can call products your own.

Some examples of products where you can obtain PLR’s are E-books, software, articles and other written, raw materials.

There are lots of confusion when it comes to PLR products. Let’s have a quick look at some of the common terms associated.

  • Unrestricted Private Label Rights. This is the most flexible of all rights and therefore most valuable. As the name implies you can do nearly anything you wish with these products including renaming, branding and selling as your own, editing, and bundling with other products in a package. You can also give them away, and you can sell or giveaway rights for others to resell, master resell, or private label.Please note that there are some limitations with some PLR products such as you are not allowed to just giveaway the product.
  • Master Resell Rights (MRR). This allows you to resell the products but you are not allowed to edit them in any way. Unlike PLR products, you can’t call them your own, you can’t add or edit the content. With MRR, you can also give away the resell rights to others, and often you can give away the MRR, allowing others to resell the resell rights.
  • Resell Rights (RR). These least valuable of all rights and I would not probably look into it. You only have the right to resell the product but you can’t change it in any way you want and you’re not allowed to giveaway the product or sell resell rights.

To further understand how to make money from PLR and MRR products in particular and where to obtain them, you can download and read the FREE eBook below. Just click the link and it will open in another tab or window.

FREE Money From Other People’s Content


  • deb livingston

    Wow, great info. 🙂 A site that I generate a monthly income with is Check it out! is a site where you can share videos, photos and blogs. It’s a nice community and a good source of revenue. 😛

  • Rick Vaughn

    I have heard about private label and such recently. Definetely, think that it is something I need to look into. Thanks for the information!

  • Adam -

    Although legal, it still seems a bit shady. I think I will stick to writing my own original content. I might use ideas from other people but I am not going to try to just rewrite their work.