How To Really Make Money Online For Free

It’s either you’re one of the folks searching for free ways to make money online or you’re one of the internet marketing beginners who are trying to rank for the term “make money online free” because you saw on Google’s keyword tool that it’s one of the most search terms on this particular MMO topic.

Either way, you should be very grateful to know that there are really free ways to which you can make money using the internet.

But before we go into some details let me ask you this question:  Is there really a costless way to make money online?

Well, it depends on what you are in for. It’s either you just want to earn some extra bucks or you are intending to make a living online.

Many people just wanted to earn additional income to augment their regular earnings while many serious folks want to start their online business and make a living online.

In both cases there are always a cost and an effort involved to produce the amount you desire to earn. If you’re just interested to make quick money online, there are many ways to achieve that without spending a dime but you do need to spend some effort and time.

In the real world it’s just like taking a part time job. But you should have the necessary skills required to perform the job.

In essence if you come online to look for free ways to earn the money you need, bear in mind that you should have at least the needed knowledge and skills.

Why are we talking about these things? It’s because every free money making method I will be discussing to you later has its own set of prerequisite knowledge and skills. But don’t worry; you don’t need to be an expert at anything.

Now, if you are serious at starting an online business so you can make a living making use of the internet then you really need to invest some money, time, and effort.

In this case you really should have the mindset of an entrepreneur or a business man. This also involves investing on informational materials especially if you are still starting online. This is really an exciting topic but more about this in the future discussions.

really make money free

Free Ways To Make Money

Okay, here are several ways on how you can make money online for free.

1. Joining GPT Programs.
You may make extra money joining GPT programs provided you are smart enough.

Although I kept on reiterating that what you’ll be earning here is not really worth the time and effort, in most cases, many folks argue that “this is all what they know”. Okay, so maybe that’s all their limited skills can reach.

While it’s true that some people can earn some side money using paid-to-click (PTC) programs, the truth here is that they are either spending a lot of time promoting their affiliate links (to gather a large base of referrals) or they spend some bucks to buy referrals from the PTC site.

The real game here is having large base of referrals and this is where you can really make some money with these kinds of programs.

And again I reiterate, you can’t really make decent money by merely performing the ad clicking alone without an army of recruits doing the same thing under you.

You may able to survive the boring activity and make a dollar or two after a month but it’s usually not really worth your time. Better build mini-blogs on Blogger or other free website platforms and monetize them with placing ads if you really want to make money for free.

2. Answering Paid Surveys.
When I first heard about making money with paid surveys, I thought it was scam. But this is real. In fact there is thousands of money that can be made from this.

However, it is not for everybody since most of the legitimate paid survey programs are limited only in certain geographic locations like the U.S., Canada, and U.K., and other European countries. People living in the mentioned nations are more privileged to participate and make extra income taking paid surveys.

Okay, so how can you earn with paid surveys if you’re not in those privileged countries? Simple. Find a legitimate paid survey company and apply as an affiliate. If you refer people to join that survey company, you earn some commission. I’m actually earning some extra bucks doing this way.

3. Make Money Online Writing.
Writing to make money online is really good for people who are more inclined to writing and truly loves doing it. You are basically just writing informational articles for the web.

In fact, if you are good at writing there is a plethora of money making opportunities that awaits you. Among these are:

  • Writing articles for webmasters and bloggers.
  • Write articles and publish them on social sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages,, and many others. These are basically revenue sharing sites. That means you earn a cut for the revenue your article generated.
  • Create your own blog at and write informational articles. Blogger allows you to make money with articles you have publish with them by placing your Google ads and/or by promoting some affiliate links.
  • Writing reviews of products and services online.
  • Article and Bum Marketing
  • Join Freelance writing jobs

4. Sell Other People’s Products.
This is popularly known as affiliate marketing. The ideal model of being an affiliate is you just promote other people’s products and services and you don’t need to have a website, pay for a webhost, pay for employees, etc. Learn more about affiliate marketing on the following topics:

Affiliate Marketing, A Business With Zero Hassles?
Affiliate marketing with No money
The Little Risks of Affiliate Marketing
Basic Guidelines on How to Avoid Affiliate Scams

5. Blogging Using Free Website Platforms
Using free website platforms such as and Weebly is good option for those who can’t yet afford to pay for web hosting.

So you can still make money blogging for free. But you do need some basic writing skills here and a little common sense on how use the platform’s menus and site interface.

Weebly is a free website creator and very easy to use. They also have built-in support for adding Adsense on your Weebly sites.

Blogger is a very popular blogging site and also very easy to use. After singing up you can immediately start posting articles.

How to make money with blogging? Read it here: How Is Money Made From Blogs

6. Make Money As A Virtual Assistant.
Making money as virtual assistant is one of the most popular businesses for work at home moms and dads.

7. Joining Freelance Market Sites.
You can join some of the popular freelance site such as,,,, and To make money with these sites, you need to have good skills on some internet related techie stuffs like web programming, web developing, web design, Photoshop imaging, technical writing (even basic writing skills as mentioned earlier), data entry, linkbuilding (SEO), and many other internet skills.


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    “One great way to make money with a photography is to create a photoblog. With a photoblog, you will continue to post your pictures, but you do so on your own site. To this site you can add affiliate links and ads. Furthermore, you may be able to sell links and ad space directly. Some people may even become interested in buying prints of your photos! This is likely the best strategy to monetize your photography.”