Make Money Online Formula

After a year of seemingly fruitless wandering on this make money online world, I’m now on my way to creating more money making online business sites, but not on make money or internet marketing related niches anymore. Have you read the post when I said your blog or business site need not be about making money stuffs?

I’ll be putting into action few simple online money making concepts and formula that I’ve learned so far from all those wanderings. So, in essence, all those trial and error attempts were not actually wasted. Should I call it a blessing in disguise?

It’ll still be a trial and error endeavor but I have the confidence it will work because I’ve already achieved some results. It’s a challenge but it can be conquered.

It’s a risk of wasting another time of my life but if proven to be successful and doable by any ordinary person, then not only I will benefit.

make money online conceptFolks in this small but cool mountain city where I operate will be the first ones to learn and benefit from this very simple formula. Imparting it to them and watch them succeed will be another series of tests to see if this concept I have in mind will work.

Yes, it’s so simple that most successful internet marketers wouldn’t want you to know. It’s a very simple concept but most beginners who are just in for the quick money would simply ignore it.

Well, I was in that stage too. I needed to make fast money online that I overlooked this basic, simple, yet effective formula. It’s been used and still being used by successful business people in the real world.

Oops, that seems to be a pitch to sale you some make money online products. Lol..

I actually attempted to start sharing and discussing this on an internet marketing social site – a site that is supposedly created for my own countrymen to learn how to really make money online. I thought it should be someplace where we can help each other by sharing each others marketing knowledge.

But, internet marketers will always be internet marketers. They’re more interested in selling you crap than helping each other succeed. They are more interested in pushing their own personal interests than reaching out to the newbies’ questions and cry for help.


I was trying my best to answer beginner’s questions on that site when some  members came running and cry out, “Show off hands, please”.

Okay, I know they demand a proof. They want to see something like a screenshot of thousands of dollars which is easy to fake. No wonder, clever marketers would easily entice many noobs into buying craps by just showing screenshots of money.

Okay, enough for this silly rant.

We will talk more about the simple online money making formula in the next post.