How To Really Make Money Online For Free

So do you…? Well, I don’t really want to ask you this question. I know you came here because you are looking for real ways to make money online for free. Most of the time the best answers for these are not always guaranteed. You have to take into consideration that with the word “free” there’s always some strings attached to it especially in this make money online world.

Alright, so how can I earn online for free? Quick and easy. Fast and wild. Ah, as I said earlier there are a lot of ways to make cash online free and fast but they are not always guaranteed.  Most likely you will be running into scams and money making programs that are designed right from the start to only waste your time and squash your profound dream of making money online free without spending a single dime.

Nevertheless, forgive me for being a little bit sarcastic here. When I started to try to find ways to earn badly needed cash using the internet, I also fall into the notion that I could easily make money for free. I didn’t have any single cent to spend so I tried vainly to find money making programs that doesn’t require me to put in money.

The good news is there are lots of avenues to earn cash for free without having to set up a website, without having to buy your domain name, and without having to pay for web hosting.

Ok let me show you some.

Make Money Online Free with Affiliate Marketing

So far, one of the best free money making avenue that I could recommend to you is affiliate marketing. Long time ago, as if it had been decades lol, I have written about affiliate marketing here and here .

Basically, making money online with affiliate marketing requires zero cost. You simply promote other people’s products or services without the hassle of delivering the products and attending to customer complaints and queries.

It is relatively easy to find a lot of good affiliate programs and even high paying ones. Go ahead and read more about “What To Look For In Finding Top Rated Affiliate Programs

Make Money Online Taking Paid Surveys

Free and enticing as they are called but there a lot of scams in here. However, there are also make money online surveys that are legitimate and they are considered a gem in this industry. You should be diligent and patient enough to search for legitimate survey sites that will actually pay you for what is promised to you.

Maybe I should mention here that not all countries are eligible for most of the truly paying survey sites online. I have found out through my endless search to find free ways in make money online that folks living in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. are the ones lucky enough to participate in taking free paid surveys.

Make Money Online Writing

If you are the person who has the knack on writing then you have lots of opportunities to make easy money online for free. If you are lazy to write a highly entertaining novel that will soon hit the bookstores then there are many websites on the internet that will pay you to write on particular topics. I have discussed about that in this topic: “Websites To Earn Extra Money Writing Online”.

There are also a lot of free blogging platforms such as and where you can write about a particular niche that could be something profitable. You can then make easy cash with it by placing some advertisements.

Make Money Online As A Freelance Provider

There are many websites online where you can find jobs as a freelancer. One great freelance site to market your skill/s is Odesk. You can find jobs there that range from a simple data entry job to a more complicated web programming work. And yes, it’s free to join.

Well, I’m not trying to say it would just be easy as that to earn cash with this Odesk but the key here is to market yourself and your skills when joining such freelance market sites. It’s not enough to just fill up your profile there and just sit like a donkey waiting to be butchered. Oops, don’t get me wrong but it’s me that I’m pertaining about here. Lol…

You need to actively participate in the bidding of available jobs that are related to your listed skills.

Make Money Free With PTC Sites?

Well, this is could be one of the very best examples of free money making programs on the internet. Just fill in the registration form and then in minutes you’ll be there making some boatloads of money – in cents!

Again forgive me for a little bit sarcastic here. I’m not saying you can’t make free money here. You can – if you are smart enough and you have the time to spend hunting for referrals. I think I have discussed well enough about this in this post: “The Disadvantages of PTC as Money Making Programs”.

Make Free Money On Facebook

So how could you make money on Facebook?”, I almost hear you asking. Literally speaking, there are a number of free ways to easily make money online while making friends (and stalking pretty sexy girls) on Facebook.

make money online freeI’ve mentioned a little bit of somewhat unethical manner in this my post, “Earning Fast Cash On Facebook?” but there is lot of legitimate ways to earn easy cash on the largest social network on the planet.

Ok, I have noticed lately that there a lot of real pretty girls who are making extra cash by creating some sort of an online shopping within Facebook. These beautiful lady friends of mine are posting some local wares they have on their walls.

Naturally, some fashion minded friends of theirs got interested, make contact to the poster through the comment wall or private message, send payment, and then the product is delivered. As simple as that.

I also mentioned about this simple money making gig in the post: Make Money With Online Shopping Sites.

Ok folks. That’s if for now, cool free ways to make easy money online while working at home. There more many methods out there but it’s almost 2 AM and my eyes are longing to shut down.  I’ll be adding more updates to this post so be sure to keep an eye.


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