Make Money Online Experiment Leaving The Social Traffic

Changed WordPress theme. Prominent adsense ads. Leaving the Entrecard community. Leaving the social traffic. Leaving all the fun.

All of this is just a part of my make money online experiment. I’ll be concentrating more on adsense monetization. Traffic generation will be through search engine optimization. Whoa, I became an adsense addict since receiving my first payment.

Entrecard is a good community of bloggers and I do learn many things from the people I met here. It is a good source of steady traffic. That is as long as you keep visiting and dropping other blogs too. It does boast your Alexa rank. But there’s one thing I observed and many make money online bloggers might have noticed too – it doesn’t really make you money. You may just waste your time on it if not managed properly. It’s just good for the sake of socializing online. It’s just a good channel for sharing your thoughts with other people who might identify with the same feelings or ideas you have. That is if people really stop and read.

Please don’t get me wrong here; I have nothing against this good community. It’s just that I need to try this blog for other earning avenues online. In the same way, I’ll stop the Stumbleupon stumbling. Traffic from that site in terms of conversion simply sucks. It even gets your adsense earning smart-priced.

As for the new WordPress theme, I tried to customize it in a way that it is SEO friendly, lightweight and fast loading. I removed all the bells and whistles that are usually seen on all blogs especially make money online sites. I’ll be dropping the Entrecard widget after all scheduled ads are shown.

So that’s it folks.