Make Money Online Blogging Hiatus

It’s over three months now since I got involved with an offline job. I never imagined the job will greatly affect my make money online activities. For indebtedness sake I can’t just leave that position as fast as I wanted. I am tied with some kind of what they call as “debt of gratitude”.

moneyAlthough I still have extra time for my online marketing and website promotions it’s almost hard to keep concentrated. The environment is so chaotic and almost always presents some kind of distraction.

My online earnings especially with affiliate marketing have been a little bit declining since I stop doing some search engine marketing. It seems that I’m not yet on the point where I can just sit down doing nothing and just wait for the money come rolling in. Wait a minute; you always read that line on many make money products sales pages, right? That’s a big LOL…

What I wanted to point out here is that making money online do need some amount of work and effort. You stop doing that work or this marketing and you will start to stop receiving paychecks.

On the other hand I got sidelined by playing social games on Facebook. Playing games like Mafia Wars, Farmville, and Café World is almost taking most of my free time. It’s so addictive I almost always set aside my online marketing schedules.

Well, that’s life and many times when you are not careful enough you could easily get sucked into the many enticements and leisure in internet life.

It’s the beginning of Yuletide season and maybe I’ll be sharing some quick ways to make fast money so you can earn some bucks just in time for the Christmas Day.

Anyway, that’s all for today. I’ll be publishing more make money online opportunities and tips on the next posts so stay tuned.

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  • Joe Ryder - Make Money Online

    ha yeh I know how you feel… just stay positive and I’m sure things will start to look up.