Make Money Offline Creating Blogs for Other People

Make money blogging could be one of the most searched terms online.  This simply would mean that a lot of people are interested to learn how to earn some cash by blogging. This online money making method would seem so easy at first glance but the truth is it takes more effort than you may ever imagined.

With the popularity gained by blogging during the past years, it always amazes me that folks in my place have almost zero knowledge about this internet technology. There bewilderment will become more amusing when you talk about WordPress as a blogging platform.

Almost all business people I talk to had no single idea that I can make a simple or even a sophisticated website out of WordPress! They seem more amazed if I say I can make an online shopping store out of this simple yet very robust blogging software.

With what I mentioned above, it is possible to really make money by creating blogs or WordPress based website in your local area. That is if you really know how to set up and configure a simple WordPress site.  What you really have to learn here is install the blogging software as well as the needed plug-ins, configure everything, and then maintain the site.

how make money blogging

You just need to have the right prospects in here most preferably local businessmen who are interested to have their products advertised on the internet. You can also target professionals as well such your local dentists, physicians, architects, electricians, beauticians and so on.

You just have to educate them about the benefits of having their own site or blog where they let people know about their particular products and services. You can also explain them how money can be made from blogs.

You can even offer your site or blog creation service to hobbyists such as photographers, artifact collectors, painting artists, and even wedding planners.

In short, making money by offering your blog creation expertise can be lucrative especially if you’re living in a city where all the above mentioned professionals and artists abound. Well, I hope you got some idea from this short and simple money making idea.

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  • Henry | Niche Blogs

    When I first started out with my internet home business, I spent lots of money on solo ezine ads, ppc ads, and so-called leads. Results were pretty average and not worth the money spent, so I began to look for ways to earn free money online. The idea is to utilize free methods of marketing your web site, such as blogging, article marketing and SEO (or search engine optimization). This means a greater profit yield and often better traffic rates in the long term. So, let’s look more closely at SEO.