Want To Make Easy Money Online?

Just like many folks who are searching the net for a way to make easy money online,  I also thought that there’s a hidden secret to make fast easy money online. Well, some people may have found that easy route but as for me back when I was still starting it was even harder that I’ve ever imagined.

If you’re just starting and hoping of making good cash within just a month or two then I bet you might just end up being frustrated. It’s not that fast as you think unless you are a seasoned internet marketer. You see, many beginners tend to give up immediately after just six months or a year of trying to make money online most especially from blogging.

Okay, there are hundreds of ways to earn extra bucks on the web. You can join GPT programs, join referral scheme programs, and join that 2×2 or 3×3 or whatsoever kind of matrices, MLM’s, and paid social network sites. However, I doubt that beginners can really make decent money from these kinds of programs.

But for this topic, we will be talking particularly about making money online from blogs since this is what many folks are searching for.

Making money on the internet with the use of blogs is technically simple. It’s easy provided you have the proper knowledge and you really know what you are doing. You should know the exact system and methods in building a real online money making business.

Before you get started, you have to decide whether you will use the free blogging sites such Blogger.com and WordPress.com or you host your own WordPress blog. You can read more about this here: What blogging platforms to use.

Choose Your Niche

The first thing you need to do is to choose your niche and the theme of your blog. When you want to make money from blogging, your niche doesn’t need to be make money online. There are many other niches you can talk about.

You can read more about niche marketing by following the links below:

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Decide On How You Can Make Money

Next, decide on how you can make money from your blog. There are usually two primary methods which is:

  1. Educating potential and current customers about something you are an authority or an expert at. You can then charge money for expert services you have to offer.
  2. Sell your services or products to the public. The most popular ways is to sell affiliate products, sell ad space, place Google links, and place paid banners, and so on.

Most beginners tend to choose the second option. Well, those are really the easy way to make easy money online.

But, will that be fast enough? Can we now start earning money the next month by employing the easy route?

Generating Traffic To Your Make Money Blog

Not yet, my friends. You must learn how to get traffic to your new money making blog. No one will buy those products, no one will click those ads, and no one will follow those affiliate links if you don’t have other people visiting your blog.

Now, there are two main methods of getting traffic to your site. It’s either paid or free.

a clinch of easy money onlineThe paid method involves PPC, paid press releases, paying article distribution service, and any form of paid advertising. Now, will not be talking about this area for since I know we’re looking for something easy to make money online that don’t require a dime.

Now, let’s move onwards. The free method as the term implies requires no money. And there are also two main ways of generating free traffic. That is through social network sites and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Trying to attract traffic from social networking sites can be easy. After all, it’s very exciting getting in touch and make friends with people online, isn’t it? But, folks, with my almost one year of trying to drive traffic from social network sites, I can say that you can’t make a decent income from that kind of traffic. It sucks.

Oh well, maybe it’s just me. If you don’t agree with me then you can go on and try your luck with trying to make money by networking on social sites.

It doesn’t come easy

You see, we’re getting something deeper into the woods. If you’re a total beginner it’s really overwhelming at best, and I understand it’s not easy to internalize what you’re reading right now.

With that said, you really have to seek guidance from the right internet marketers who can really teach you the real way how to do it.

But be wary when an internet marketing guru you are following throws you tons of hypes and false promises. Don’t believe when they say “here’s how you can build your cash generating, profit-pulling make money online business in just 1 day using a results-proven, idiot-proof, step-by-step system even if you’re brand-spanking newbie starting from scratch.”

Run away when they say “buy this or that product and it will make you money in just 24 hours”.

If you want to make money online from blogging without spending a dime, it doesn’t come easy. But it’s not that complicated either. Maybe the only challenging part is to keep focus, stay consistent and keep taking enough action to get to where you want to go.


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