Make $2.00 Over and Over Again

They say that the key to success in any business, online or otherwise is repetition. That is, you want to be able to make money over and over again from your product or service.

I have come across a system that functions exactly like that. Here are the benefits:

  1. Have your own eBook reseller website business
  2. get paid US$2.00 instantly via PayPal every time someone buys from your link
  3. Download 12 high-demand eBooks worth $500
  4. Make more money by reselling the 12 eBooks
  5. Fully automated payment processing and product delivery
  6. Free lifetime hosting of your affiliate website
  7. Free unlimited access to the member’s area
  8. New eBooks added at no extra cost to you
  9. Full training and marketing material provided for you
  10. All your support questions answered by the admin
  11. Secure instant payment system accepting all major credit cards
  12. Free automatic updates and maintenance for your affiliate website
  13. No additional fees required from you
  14. No membership upgrade
  15. No OTO’s (one time offers).
  16. No distracting banners or pop-ups on your website
  17. No obligations!

Guess what? I learned a great idea of creating your own kind of online business by following this model. All you will need here is the proper scripts for payment set-ups and you’ll be on your way to making money automatically.

But if just like me you still don’t have the needed know-how and programming scripts yet then I think it’s good to start developing your marketing skills with 2dollarsBiz while earning money at the same time.

Update June 2009: Link removed. I stopped promoting PLR products. It sucks.


  • Fennster

    I just purchased from your link just to see what the hell it’s all about. Seems interesting I may be playing around with this just a little bit and see what happens. It’s a cheap investment and you get resale rights so it’s worth the money spent!

  • wow! this sounds very interesting. i am going to check this out. ^_^

  • Hi! Pinaymommy, di gaanong maganda products nila at saka di gaanong nami-maintain yung site.

    It’s just actually set-up for the website owner to build his own list.

    Anyway, this can be a good program to promote on traffic exchange sites. In terms of list-building, you can build your own lists of ready to purchase costumers too.

  • curious

    hehe, all 3 comments are from the same day , september 17th 2008, mmm same guy??? friends??? whatever???

  • Curious, Pinaymommy and Fennster are friends from Entrecard.