’s First Anniversary Contest

In celebration of their blog’s first year anniversary, Life is has launched a contest with $3000 and 6000 EC worth of prizes. Although it’s just their first year, it seems that they are really successful in their making money online blog.

The Life is Colourful blog is where they are sharing their journey in blogging and helping new bloggers to get motivated to make money online. This should be inspiring to new bloggers seeking to make money online.

As the blog’s title denotes, the overall design is really colorful and yet appealing to the eye. It’s easy to navigate and packed with informative content. As for me the only little trouble I find is the small fonts. I’m using a 1024 x 768 screen resolution so I have to come closer to read them. Anyway, if you have a lower screen resolution or a sharper eye then that would not be a problem at all.

Okay, back to the contest.

Colourful Blog Anniversary Contest – Win Over $3000 in Cash and Prizes
Blogging Tools & Products, Webmaster Resources, Memberships

– A product to help you making money: Super Affiliate Blogger and WordPress Adsense Theme by Easywordpress ($194 value – 2 x $97)
– Two-year subscription to GoStats Pro [One of the web’s leading traffic stats providers] by GoStats ($180 value – 2 x $90)
– Five One-Year VIP Memberships to by Xavier Media ($175 value – 5 x $35)
– Two One-Hour Consultation Sessions by TheUniversiryKid ($100 value – 2 x $50)
– “Building An Internet Business From Scratch – Making $1,000 After 24 Hours” DVD by Marcus Hochstadt ($100 value)
– Two copies of Direct Response Templates for Salesletters and Salesstickies by Carl “Kidblogger” ($74 – 2 x $37)
– Two Copies of “TO DO List Software” by Fruitfultime ($60 value – 2 x $30)
– One 30 minutes of blog consultation by The Net Fool ($40 value)
– Blog Bundle Pack 2 [Specially designed for Bloggers] by 1 Cool File ($20 value)

Cash Prizes

– $30 cash prize by Capitalist Guide ($30 value)
– $25 cash prize by Autoline Reviews ($25 value)
– $25 cash prize by Health and Fitness Center ($25 value)
– $20 cash prize by Leisa Watkins ($20 value)
– $20 cash prize by Travel Tips ($20 value)
– $20 cash prize by New Homes Section ($20 value)
– $20 cash prize by Social Networking Sites ($20 value)
– $20 cash prize by Quality Vista ($20 value)

All prizes shall be given through Paypal

Books and eBooks

– Three copies of “Work Smart, Get Rich!” eBook Donated by The Net Fool ($45 value – 3 x $15)
– Autographed Copy of “The 5 Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth” book by Leisa Watkins

Each participant of this contest will get dollar eBook from TheUniversiryKid along with his consultation time.

Advertising Space

– Four 3-months textlink at Life is Colourful ($360 value – 4 x $90)
– Four 3-months textlink at Finance Blog ($180 value – 4 x $45)
– One Greenland Country Ad Space at Buy a Nation ($125 value)
– Full Set of Advertising Space by Roman Dock ($125 value)
Two 125 x 125 ($20 value – 2 x $10)
Three 468×60 ($30 value – 3 x $10)
Five Textlinks ($50 value – 5 x $10)
One Full Review ($25 value)
– Four 3-months 125 x 125 banner slots at Article Rewrite ($120 value)
– Ten Featured Links at Piggy Web Directory ($100 value)
– Ten Textlinks worth $10 bid each at BYDY Link Bid Directory ($100 value)
– Four Express Link Submissions Forever at Mad Mouse Directory ($51.80 value – 4 x $12.95)
– Two Featured Link Submissions for One year at Mad Mouse Directory ($49.90 value – 2 x $24.95)
– One 125 x 125 at Winning the Web by Gyutae Park ($50 value)
– One Full Blog Review at Life is Colourful ($50 value)
– Five Featured Links at ($50 value) * These apply to directory submissions only, Flippable.
– Three Featured Links for Six Months at Massive Net Links Directory ($30 value)
– Three Featured Links for Six Months at Internet Stromer Directory ($30 value)
– Three Featured Links for Six Months at Internet Ahead Directory ($30 value)
– One 125 x 125 at Blogging Fingers ($30 value)
– One 125 x 125 at New Homes Section ($30 value)
– One 125 x 125 at Sueblimely ($30 value)
– One 125 x 125 at Life is Colourful ($30 value)
– One Full Blog Review at Finance Blog ($30 value) * These apply to Finance service reviews, Flippable.
– One 125 x 125 at Dot Com Mogul ($25 value)
– Two 125 x 125 at Vincent ($20 value)
– One Full Blog Review at Lightnings Blog World (value $20)
– One 125 x 125 at The WWW Blog ($15 value)

Entrecard Credits

– 2500 Entrecard Credits by Life is Colourful
– 2000 Entrecard Credits by Sueblimely
– 1000 Entrecard Credits by Lightning Blog World
– 500 Entrecard Credits by Vincent

Total: 6,000

How to Participate
You have to earn points as an entry to the contest. How?

1. Leave a comment on the contest page and that gives you 1 entry point. But you have to be subscribed through his email which is mandatory to participate in this contest.

2. Favorite Life is Colourful at Technorati. 1 entry point.

3. Stumble & Review on 1 entry point.

4. Subscribe to this blog’s email feed. 2 entry point.

5. Be a top commentator. 2 entry point.

6. Blog About the Contest. 20 Entries.
This is the ultimate way to earn points and have the chance to grab pie of the over $3000 in prizes.

If you have the intuition to win big prizes from this contest, then head over to Life is Colourful’s contest page to join.

NOTE: This post was included here when I was a blogging beginner easy to be fooled back then by so-called blogging experts and gurus.

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