Kindle Sales Krusher Review

The Amazon Kindle is a fast-rising eBook reader that is dominating the market of eBook readers today. Following this trend, publishing Kindle books have become increasingly looked upon to be a very profitable and lucrative business.

Selling one eBook cannot make you good money overnight but having several eBooks selling many copies each can potentially allow you to quit your day job and turn into a professional Kindle book publisher.

This is what the Kindle Sales Krusher is for, to get you started on your career track of being a Kindle book publisher. This product comes with a 25-page quick start guide that complements the videos.

What you want to really dig into are the 5 training videos that reveals HP’s underground Kindle publishing methods. If this is not enough, packaged together are 2 exciting bonuses and 1 unannounced bonus. I will go into these later.

After going through this product, I was all psyched up about writing this review so here goes…

What I really like about the main training videos are that they are condensed to short mp4s in which contents are easy to digest. The information shared is high quality, actionable and very profitable such that so many Kindle publishers or publishers-to-be need the secrets given in this course to kick-start or accelerate their business.

Another thing I feel people will absolutely fall in love with this product us that HP actually does a case study of a Kindle Book that sold really well so that we have a success model to fall back on.

The only downside I see I this product concerns the quick start guide. The margins are set too broad making the text squeeze together and hence I had some difficulty reading online. Nevertheless, that discomfort is diminished by the massive value this product delivers!

Just look at those mouth-watering bonuses – 6 book promotion videos that illustrate 6 different ways you can use to promote your book. This is truly golden because that is where the cash will flow in! Plus, a very helpful guide by Jason Fladlien on how to publish a Kindle book which explains how to format your Kindle book, how to create your book cover and how to upload your book to Amazon.

I haven’t even started on the unannounced bonuses! Which I feel will be more satisfying for you to uncover yourself when you get the package.

I like it that Jay made the WSO suitable for people of all levels. Be it you may be a complete newbie just getting on the Kindle wave or existing publishers stuck on increasing sales, the Kindle Sales Krusher is definitely for you.

Basically if you have a book you are dying to get people to read or you are simply interested to catch the Kindle trend, this course is for you.

Overall, Kindle Sales Krusher is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that can help you get started or push you further in terms of sales with regards to Kindle publishing. Get it before the price shoots up!