A Bit of Bizphere’s Real Life

Just when I began to understand and enjoy the benefits of online marketing stuffs, offline job opportunities are opening its doors for me. Oftentimes I’m somewhat in dilemma whether to grab them or not. The hard thing is that they come in very fast and unexpected that I’m usually only given a very short time to decide.

Yesterday, a personnel of an agency for skilled workers called me on the phone to follow up my application as a skilled worker for Canada. Those application papers were submitted one year ago and I have already forgotten it.

I was asked if I could come down immediately for an interview as a welder. If not, they will cancel me from the line up of interviewees.

Although I calculated that I could still make it and be in that office just in time for the interview, my mind was bothered with many concerns. I’m totally unprepared. I may just screw up during the questioning. Physically, I’m not conditioned for the long travel.

My very last job as a welder was five years ago and I doubt that there’s any chance I would be accepted if the basis for selection is recency of related work experiences as most Canadian employers would require.

I have to decide fast and because I didn’t want to make the person on the other line, who was actually the manager as I recognized his voice, become impatient waiting for my reply, I just casually said, “Okay, I can’t come just cancel me from the lineup”.

After bringing down the phone I felt something like I just lost a good opportunity. Stupid Bizphere. Stupid.

If only the place of interview is not that too far from my place, that’s more than six hours of grueling travel, I should have taken the chance and went for that interview no matter what the results maybe. Sometimes it’s hard making hasty decisions in just a spur of a moment.


  • Gem

    I agree. I can be difficult because there’s no time to think about the pros and cons of such opportunity. We often think first of the worst things that could happen first before we see the benefits of such opportunity.


  • kouji

    difficult indeed. but i hope other opportunities will come your way to replace this one.

  • what about blog

    That was kind of rude of them, giving you so little time. Interviews can be tough – I, personally, need time to prepare!

  • Biz

    Gem, you’re right. Sometimes it’s the FEAR of choosing wrong that withholds us from taking chances when opportunity knocks at the door.

    Kouji, thanks for the cheer up. I do find more opportunities online. 🙂

    What about blog, you opened up my stupid mind. Yeah you’re right that’s some kind of rudeness on their part. Why didn’t they call me in advance.. I should have told them that.. lol…