Is MySearchFunds Another Crappy Paid to Search Program?

The hype is “you get paid for what you normally do, by simply searching the internet”. It seems that there is another paid to search program like Agloco and Slashmysearch that is making its way into the “easy money making” craze.

This is called MySearchFunds. I can almost see its banners flying all around my friends profiles on several of the paying social networks sites I’m a member of. Out of curiosity, I signed up to see what was in it.

Business System: Paid to do search. You will earn about £0.02 (almost 4 cents) for every quality search you made. However, I’m only seeing £0.18 on my account for 43 searches.

Membership Fee: Free.

Minimum Pay-out: £20 ($40)

Payment Processors: PayPal. Payment is every 30 days, 45 days after each month end. i.e. for searches in January you will be paid in mid March.

Ways to earn:
Use Mysearchfunds service for your day to day search activities and you will earn 50% of your total search revenue.

2. Refer friends and earn 10% from the revenue generated by their searches. You will also earn 5% from your friends’ referral and another 2.5% from their referrals’ friends.

Pros: Fast loading and easy to navigate back office.Much reliable search results because it replaces your default search to Google(UK). MySearchFunds claim that it also takes results fromYahoo!, Windows Live Search and Ask but as of now I’m only redirected to Google Uk for each of my search queries.

Cons: Sometimes Mysearchfunds search engine get stuck especially with slower internet connections. The service works best only on the latest browsers such Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7 (IE7) and Mozilla/ Firefox browsers.

The pay-out threshold is a little bit high (£20 or almost $40) and you will hardly reach that amount if you rely on your own searching activity alone. You need lots of referrals here in order to reach the minimum pay-out quickly.

Proofs of Payment: Here are some MySearchFunds proofs of payment I searched from the net (just open another window then copy and paste the urls below into your browsers address bar):

Insights: Getting paid for what you normally do such as simply searching the internet can be an easy way to make money. However, one must not rely or expect too much to earn money with this system. The money you will earn, especially with your sole effort, may not actually worth your time. This business system works best when you have a large base of active referrals under you.

MySearchFunds maybe paying now but it will still has to prove, in the long term, that it is not another crappy get paid online or a waste of time paid-to-search program.

If you choose to use MySearchFunds services then just do it as normally as you would with the usual search engines. You will be paid only with quality or “bonafide” search. Artificial searches just to inflate your search counts will just be in vain as they may use it to claim fraud when you’ll finally reach the pay-out.

Update: MySearchFunds is now Homepages Friends and it is claimed to mainly draw your search queries from Yahoo! search engine. Some people in the forums claim to have been paid but let’s see how far it can go.

Update March 2012: All such kinds of so called online money making programs are nothing but CRAPS and a total waste of your valuable time.