Is It Really Possible To Make Money On the Internet?

This is rather an age old question and the internet moneymakers may call it lame. But, yes it is definitely possible to earn money on the internet. However, due to information overload most beginners end up being confused. As a result most give up immediately without ever having to make their first dime. I say this because I for one almost gave up with this earn online and make money online crap.

There are hundred of confusing ways to earn an income through the internet and it’s really overwhelming for the inexperienced. Without a mentor or a guide to look over your shoulder it’s confusing to choose the right way. And with lots of instant make rich spams that floods your email from supposedly internet marketing gurus it’s almost impossible to stay on focus. You’re even more disturbed and kicked out of focus when you have more than 10 email accounts receiving all kinds of “give me your money and I will make you rich in a month.”

Okay, that’s just an old story about my own internet adventure. I found out that when you’re just beginning and don’t have the money to invest yet, it is better to start it out by choosing one make money online avenue where you can focus and start earning real money.

For example, if you’re good at writing and you really need to make immediate cash then one of the most practical option is to do paid blogging. This is something that I learned by observing work from home mommy bloggers. Although some of them got stuck with just paid posting, many smart work at home moms combine it with affiliate marketing. And they do really make more income out of it.

Of course this needs some planning, if you want to make a brand out of your blog and don’t want to be affected by Google bitch slap then you should be smart to create another blog for the purpose of doing the paid posting just so you can make the badly needed daily income. Also, when planning to do paid blogging it’s better not to choose a make money online niche. It also helps both for you and the advertiser when you don’t need to mention that it is a paid plug, at least for page rank and SEO purposes.

I’ve been afraid of doing paid posting on my blog because of the so-called Google bitch slap, but the irony of all things is that I was slapped even without paid posts. What’s the fault? Okay, a commenter pointed out that Google apparently hates redirected affiliate links (which I have lots of it). Also a mention of the popular paid blogging company could get you under suspicion, but I’m still not convince of this.

Anyway that’s another old confusing story… and let’s go back to the topic.

One quick way to start earning on the internet is by participating in paid surveys. Unfortunately, most legitimate paid survey sites are limited to U.S. and Canadian citizens only. Blessed are they. If you’re not from these two countries, you’ll always experience the frustration of seeing the message “We’re sorry this offer is not available in your area. You’ll be redirected later”. And you get even more confused.

The answer to all this confusion is this: as with offline businesses it takes time before you can really start making money on the internet. The key is patience. This is all true if you’re a total newbie on internet marketing.

If you go the route of paid blogging you actually have to wait at least 60-90 days to get approved by most paid blogging sites. And then you have wait some time for advertisers to get notice of you and offer some writing jobs. You get more assignments if you know how to grab writing opportunities. And if you’re in the MMO niche (with your blog title shouting make money online) with even big fat zero PR then you better learn how to chase and grab offers. I’m too lazy to do that.

If you go the route of selling your own or someone else’s products it takes time before your promotion gets noticed and finally make the first sale. But this depends on what kind of product you’re selling and how you market it.

Making money with GPT’s (get paid to click, get paid to read, etc) also takes time and sometimes forever if you don’t know how to make referrals and build a massive downline. That’s actually where you can make money with this kind of industry – getting lots of referrals.

Make money by blogging and then selling ad spaces takes a lot way more time. Most advertisers require a large base of readership or blog traffic.

Making money with social networking or social blogging is just like chasing a dream. Few A-listers like John Chow’s and Problogger’s are enjoying this status.

Making money with search engine blogging (search engine optimizing) to get massive traffic through the search engines also takes time… and a lot of patience. But achieving this and then duplicating the process can make you rise up from rags to riches.

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    Thanks for dropping by and for the link. I posted the possibility of earning money online but in your post, you also mentioned the reality that earning money online is confusing to most beginners. I need to mention that too. Maybe in one of my future posts.

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