Internet Marketing Tools Affiliate Program

OTO GoldmineWhile I’m exploring the possibility of making money online by promoting software and internet marketing tools,  I came across a unique make money online program that is claimed to make you earn an extra $50-$200 a day.

You can join as an affiliate and make money by selling a huge list of software and many other very useful products for bloggers, webmasters, and internet marketers.

It is free to join. If you’re looking for products to promote on your site/s then take advantage of this huge collection of products. Although there are tons of tools and software at their store you really only need ONE affiliate link (so there’s no hassle gathering tons of affiliate links and placing them on your site one by one). Just get a single code and paste to your site.

Want to see a live demo of how you can use this system? I place a code on my 404 error page. There are various ways more on how to use this kind of program on your site. You’ll find all the details on that site.

Another nice thing about this is that they do all the selling including download processes and they also handle customer support – you just send them traffic and collect commissions.

If you want to use these marketing tools yourself then you have to purchase it for $67 one time payment. As I started promoting make money online software myself, I noticed that the price is astoundingly cheap for this kind of internet marketing tools that would cost hundreds of dollars if bought individually.

Don’t have a website yet? Don’t worry just join as an affiliate for free and you’ll find promotional tools on your member’s page such as banners and links that you can promote social networking sites, traffic exchanges, and other market places online.