Increase Your Blog Links and Traffic with PEXLINKS

pexlinksLooking for ways to generate more traffic to your blog? When I first saw Mommy Ruby’s PEXLINKS TRIPLE LOVE PROJECT I noticed that most members were blogging mommies. I almost use the title “widen your blog connection with online mommies.” Lol.

I will not elaborate about the details and procedures of this project here because you can read it at the Pexlinks page. But if you’re in a hurry here’s an overview.

Benefits you may get from joining this project

  • Additional Technorati fans
  • Additional RSS subscribers
  • Regular EntreCard droppers
  • More blog exposure and more post comments as well
  • More friends in the Blogosphere

Benefits for New and Small blogs

  • Helps improve your Alexa and Technorati Rank
  • Immediate blog exposure
  • Link exchanging opportunity

Prerequisites before joining

  • EntreCard Account
  • Technorati Account
  • RSS Readers Account

Requirements for new participants

  1. Write a post about PexLinks project and include the list of participants by installing the blogrolling script at the bottom of your post.
  2. Leave your comment at together with your post permalink, technorati fave link, rss/feeds link, your blog’s name and link, and EntreCard user details.
  3. You can then start adding as many participants as you want to your Technorati faves, and then subscribe to their RSS/Feeds. Of course, you can choose to subscribe to blog feeds that is of your interest.

If you want you can show more love by digging and stumbling a truly deserving post which interests you most. Give more and you shall receive more.

Update June 10 2009: Ah, these are my beginner days when I was still chasing social traffic and I didn’t know a damn thing to really make money with a blog. I should be making money by now If only I knew where and how to get backlinks instead of doing all the things mentioned in this post. Sigh…