Important Tools To Start Your Online Business

So you want to start your own money making business because you have heard that many ordinary people who are just like you and me that are making large sum of moolah on the internet.

You may have heard from your wanna-be blogger friend about stories of successful bloggers who are raking in a mind boggling amount of cash every month just from their blogs.

Well, I am about to go on writing those silly things again.

You want to start your own online business, right? Isn’t it a very complicated venture? You might be discouraged by the seemingly so geeky technicalities of starting and running a website.

The good news is even ordinary folks like us can start an internet business and earn additional income while having our regular day jobs. What is required on your part is time and effort plus a little start up capital.

Aside from your time and effort, there are some important tools you need in setting up and starting an online business.

Website Creation Software

These days, hiring a web designer and paying hundreds of dollars just to build a site for you is not that necessary anymore. It’s not like some years ago that you need to hire a skilled web designer just to build and design a simple website for your business.

Well, you can still hire somebody or outsource the website creation if you really want to save a lot of your time.

starting your online businessIf you’re planning to start your own online business, I suggest using WordPress as your website’s platform. Basically, it’s a free blogging software but it offers a wide range of possibilities. In fact, you can turn it into any kind of website that you desire.

With WordPress it’s very feasible to integrate an e-commerce or an online shopping store, a paid membership site, a forum, a classifieds ads website, an article directory, a social networking site and many other types of website that you can imagine. There possibilities are almost limitless.

The only limit is your ability to learn and apply new concepts. What I mean is that you should at least know what you are doing. You should know where to acquire needed tools and resources and follow instructions in using them.

Of course if you are that person who are still starting and almost no dime to spend for domain and hosting, then there free bogging platforms that is available for you to use. Most popular example of this is overused and often abused Blogger and (not the self-hosted WordPress).

However, if I were you I would keep away from using free sites especially if you’re serious in establishing your internet business.

Helpful Scripts And Software

You need additional script or software if you want to bring your website to the next level. For example, if you want an online shopping site where you can sell digital products or a free classified site where people can post ads for free, then you should be hiring a web developer or a programmer to do the coding for you.


Do you really need a programmer or a web developer?

For new and small online business hiring a web developer is not really that important. Nowadays, its quiet easy to find a lot of high quality scripts and software that can be purchased online to meet your specific needs.

You do NOT need to spend thousands of dollars just for a programmer/web developer anymore.

In fact, you can just pay a one time price for as low as $79 for a premium wordpress classified ads theme that could make your free classified ads to go online.  Although you could be paying someone to maintain and manage it the price is a lot cheaper than hiring a skilled web programmer.

Web Host

A webhost is where you upload your websites’ files and programs so that it can be rendered to the internet and shown to internet surfers.

Webhosting price at Hostgator starts at a low $4.95/month (lowest bandwidth) up to $9.95/month. The latter is very suitable for starting online business sites. You will only be paying around $119 per year with this package. One of the benefits of it is that you can host unlimited domain or websites with it.

Domain Name

A domain name is simply the url or www identity of your website. It is what internet surfers’ type on their browser when visiting your site. is a domain name, is a domain name.

Domain name price at Namecheap starts at $9/year.


As with most businesses in the real world you need someone to take care of the maintenance as well as the technical side of your business especially if you lack the time and knowledge on how to do it yourself.

Marketing Your New Online Business

Just because you have the site up and running doesn’t necessarily mean visitors will start coming in. Your new website needs to be promoted. You have to let people know that a new website called exists.

In other words you need to drive in traffic or website visitors. Traffic generation is very vital. No traffic no money, no honey… just a sore ass.

Many serious online business owners are going to the extent of spending thousands of dollars just to drive in traffic to their new website. They know that if they’re successful in driving in the targeted traffic their profits can 2x, 3x, or 10x more that what they spend for advertising.

I’m not saying that you should spend thousands of dollars just to market your new internet business. That’s just the fastest route a lot of experienced marketer’s are doing.

Now, there are many various ways to marketing your new online business website for free. Free marketing channels include social network marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, article marketing, directory marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing and many more.


In conclusion, if you’re serious in starting and establishing an online business you need to acquire at least a domain name and a web host for your site.

Webhosting would cost you only $9.95 per month or about $120 per year. Securing a domain name cost you $9.95 per year. All in all, one domain name and a reliable web host would cost you only $130 per year.

If you need a specific script or software for a particular type of site you want to build then you could extend your $130/year budget to at most $200/year.