How to Write Articles to Boost Affiliate Sales

affiliate moneyIf you are serious about making money with affiliate marketing it is important to have good web content. Good content can mean the difference between someone clicking onto your site and clicking away a moment later and someone staying for a while and then clicking through to buy the product or service you’re trying to sell. Sounds simple but what if you just aren’t a very good writer? What if your mind is purely programmed for business and not English? Luckily there are other options for you.

You can search the public domain. Millions if not billions of articles are currently in the public domain that you can use on your web site free of charge. A simple Google or Yahoo search can bring up hundreds articles that can be related to your topic. You can also search for free PLR articles on article directories.

The good thing is that you can edit them, change them, alter them or do whatever you want to them so that they sound exactly like you want them to. This can be an excellent way to go if you really can’t write a good content.

You can hire ghostwriters or pay companies to write content for you. In many cases, this is cheaper than you may think. When you consider how important good web content is, paying someone a few dollars to write exactly what you need isn’t such a bad idea. Of course, some companies charge more than others so it always pays to shop around.

However, don’t shut yourself off to the idea of paying for content. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money and this is one of those cases if you don’t want to or you can’t write your own web content.

Finally, the best choice is to simply read and learn. Spend enough time surfing around on the internet and reading the web content on other affiliate websites. Take as much of that content in and then try to write in a similar style about the product you’re trying to sell.

You don’t instantly become the best writer in the world this way, but studies have shown that the more you read, the better writer you’ll be. Experience can be your best teacher and the more you know about how to write in this style, the easier it will be.

Having solid web content can’t be overstated. Without a good content, you will never have a truly successful affiliate marketing website. If you can’t write it yourself, you do have other options, but the best thing you can do is to learn how to write in this style. It will be a worthwhile investment that will pay off time and time again.


  • Jena Isle

    I was planning on working with these affiliates but I am not so keen as I can’t seem to come up with the correct writing style for this.

    Thanks for the pointers. They will be useful for me.

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    Ow…I agree with your post above, read and learn…read and learn… I am the learner. ^_^

  • freezine

    Hi Jena Isle. I am reading your blogs and I can see that you have a very good English writing skill which is far better than me. I think you can write a very good content. Can I hire you? Lol…

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    I see. I just uploaded my post today, I would update it when your links become functional. Thanks.