How To Make Money with Online Trends

It just came to my attention that it can be possible for anyone to make money with online trends. I “rediscovered” this cash earning idea when I noticed that my post about Manny Pacquiao vs Mosly fight are still bringing good amount of traffic to this blog. This made me think of setting up another blog that is purely targeted with this kind of internet searches.

The best way to find out future trends is by using Google Trends. This provides you an idea of the popularity and search volume for the certain topic or keyword you may have in mind. There are a lot of yearly opportunities that’s worth registering a domain for. The best examples for this are popular reality shows such as:

  • The Biggest Loser
  • American Idol
  • So you think you can dance
  • Big Brother
  • Dancing with the stars
  • The Amazing Race
  • America Got Talent

You may also want to focus into TV Shows such as:

  • CSI
  • Lost
  • Greys Anatomy
  • House
  • Heroes
  • My Name is Earl

I know this is not a new online money making concept and a lot of smart internet marketers have been making huge cash by simply writing about popular trends on the internet. In fact, I have seen teenager bloggers who are actually cashing in by simply blogging about current events.

Making money online with trends and surging current events can be monetized using the old trusted program which are Google adsense, Amazon, and Clickbank. However, I noticed that the income is sometimes frustratingly minimal. One of the alternative monetizing options that many other successful trend money makers suggest is by using CPM based banners such as Doubleclick, CPX or Rightmedia.

american idol

Online Tools to Help You Find New Trends

No one can exactly predict future trends but there are free tools that you can use to find out about new trends. The following are some of the best online tools can help you find trending niches and ensure that you are ahead of the pack.

Google Insights. This tool helps you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.

Google Zeitgeist. This is a Google project that helps you find the most popular searches for the previous week or the previous month or even the previous years. You look locally and internationally, you can start looking at the trends in searches in your own place.

Ebay Pulse. This tool allows you to see what’s hot on Ebay in a variety of categories. This is particularly good for people using PPC marketing.

Amazon Bestsellers. This is another awesome online tool for anyone using PPC marketing. You can get lowdown on almost everything that’s in demand and selling wild on Amazon. You can narrow you searches down by category and you’ll discover amazing ideas you’d not thought of before.

Adcenter Keyword Forecast. This tool can help you discover about future predictions in search volume for specific terms.

Netvibes. This is more of a feed reader and not actually a tool that functions just like most of the above mentioned. However, this can be a powerful tool that makes you aware of what’s currently going on in your particular niche.

Alright folks, use the above tools and tips to help you make money online with trending news, shows, and world events.