How to Make Money Online Using Donations in Your Blogs

There are many ways to which you can easily make money from blogging. One of them which we are going to discuss in this post is by asking donations from your blog readers.

Donation buttons are all the rage amongst bloggers nowadays. You might have seen many bloggers and blog users to have used donation buttons on their blogs and posts and pages. Some utilize PayPal, while others want you to buy stuff from them. Joe Vitale of The Secret, on his blog, has something similar, with an Amazon gift certificate donation button. See, even Joe Vitale asks for donations this way! This is your chance to earn some ready cash using Donations. So if you want to know how to monetize your blog, this is the way:

Gift Buttons

There are some really popular Donation buttons which work on the principle of asking for small amounts of money. A good example is the ‘Buy me a beer’ button which asks for around $3 for a pint, or $7.50 for a pitcher. People prefer these, because the amount of money isn’t all that much, and its better to buy you something rather than give you just the money. People get a nice feeling of gifting something to someone this way.

It doesn’t have to be just beer, though, because there are several choices, ranging from coffee to martinis and gift certificates. Using you preferred search engine, and decide upon which gift you’d most like to get and look for the payment option. But do your homework and search around some more before deciding, because not all buttons are compatible with all blogs. Like for example, the aforementioned ‘Buy me a beer’ is compatible with WordPress blogs only.

How to Attract Maximum Donations

You have to know some tips and tricks if you want your blog to help earn some cash for you. Also, you have to have a quality blog with good content and not just a great presentation and style. Here are certain things to be kept in mind:

Quality content: Your blog needs to be able to help your readers out in some way or the other. If your blog has content that might come in handy to your readers then they will feel obliged to help you with money. One good way is through offering free downloads, that always works.

Don’t overdo it with the ads:   Don’t flood your blogs with advertisements. Don’t overdo it with ads. Because once you do, less people will want to use your donation button. They might assume that you already have it good with so many advertisements and modes of making money, that one less donation won’t matter. But that’s not what you want to show.

Try and get hold of a lot of readers: More people reading your blog can only be a good thing. The higher the percentage of people reading your blog, the more chances you will have of making money with them clicking on your donation buttons more. The donations therefore will be directly proportional to the number of people reading your blog. A select percentage will donate.

A few more strategies

There are a few more strategies that you can very well adopt if you want to make some money. When it comes to raising funds, you can ask your readers in your blog to help by donating some money, and there are several ways of going about this. They are:

You could offer incentives and reasons for people to donate. This could be done using ballots. This way, would be donators could be offered a chance at winning a certain number of prizes. Local or online businesses could also be contacted. To them, it would mean advertisement and publicity at no cost at all, and to you, it can only mean more cash and donations. These incentives may be just the thing to nudge readers towards donating for you.

But don’t ask for funds and help on a regular basis. Don’t annoy your readers with repeated requests. This might irritate and drive them off. You don’t want your readership to go down, so never resort to doing this.

And helping you out makes your donators feel good about themselves too. So you’re not the only winner. If people donate to you, they’ll know they’re doing a good thing and feel glad about it. This way both of you, owner of blog and reader, are in a win-win situation.

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