How To Leverage Your Business with a Forum Based Market Place Offer

Thank Your Buyers

This is quite obvious, right? Yet the problem is that only one in four Forum Market place sellers actually do this.

How problematic can this be? Just send them a thank you note as soon as they have bought the product. This cannot be that tough. And there are subsequent chances to this working for you later. To take a further step, you could post them handwritten cards saying thank you. You could perhaps utilize a service like

Build Your List

There are several ways of doing this anyway. These are usually legal too.
For example, the contact details could be furnished from payment receipts and added to your list. This is legal but not the best way to go about list building.

You could post a link to a squeeze page that might consist of an opt-in form. Through that page, you could invite the buyers to sign up. Yet this is again not the most effective method.

You could give away a free report and tell your customers about the same and convince them that it is gong to be great for them if they sign up to your opt-in list and receive the free report as well periodic updates. This is legal as well as one of the most effective methods.

By this method of list building, the subscribers will actually be looking forward to your emails. They will be definitely attracted by your promise of good quality and valuable content. So make sure, you keep your promises though.

Construct your Database Carefully

If a complicated situation is beyond you to handle, you could perhaps make use of a simple Excel file to create a record of data of all sorts such as the client’ name, contact details, date of ordering, product or service nomenclature, the price and other useful data.

Why would you need to do this?

This is due to the fact that you want to trace the kind and the number of people who are your consumers along with what you had to sell. You also might want to do this because you need to know what more you can do to make them purchase from you again and what should you offer and at what price, the next time.

There is also a general need to find more about the clients and their usefulness to your business. This will further allow you to locate the best kind of client to sell your product to and this could be extremely useful.

Make an Offer with your Upsell

Many marketers fail to grasp the fact that the ‘front-end’ sale is most often the most miniscule profit center. The main cash really arrives via the back door which is the ‘back end’ sales you manage. Do not ever wait too long. It could prove to be a huge mistake. When could you possibly make the buyer a second ‘follow up’ offer? The right answer would be as soon as you want to and that could be right now.

Yes, right after the sale (or even prior to that). Do this as fast as you can, in fact. This is because you need to get a hang of the buyers’ moods and the mode. The very idea of going beyond the customary research on products and making a purchase is cause for hope for you. Try and use this phase the buyer is going through to pick up something else to sell to him.

This of course cannot be done like you are trying to force something on him or her. There should be considerable panache in the upsell product offer in question. This approach will help you to garner greater sales and greater trust from the consumers in question.

Follow up

This obviously does not imply go ahead and pursue all your consumers to buy. This merely means that you should be in regular touch with them. Find out about how the product is working or take their feedback in the form of suggestions or you could even ask them, if they need any help. Point out things on the product that they could have just slipped.

Bridge Your Way

There are two key things to a relation- takes time and involvement. You need to possess both in order to be successful. Only then can you hope to make a difference. There should be a certainty of investment in your business and clients. There are new and exciting growth prospects you might want to tell your customers about.

Serve them with updates and good advice.
This is often done with the help of newsletters/ezine, or often by starting a blog or by forming a customer-only forum. There could be teleseminars, live events and group networking events of the sort of webinars or group coaching intervals by which this can be done.


The testimonials arrive only when consumers are extremely satisfied with your product. The first group of clients can therefore be taken care of specially and with due care. The marketing budget can come in useful for this.

In such a world that we inhabit, advertisement is very effective when it spreads by the word of mouth. There cannot be a fixed price for this. Loyal clients and happy ones too are thus o be taken care of.

Consolidate your Affiliate Army

The greatest advantage of being a part of forums is that the buyers are marketers themselves. They are themselves people who deal in niche products. If you manage to convince them of your product and your efficacy they will go on to take your efforts to greater levels of involvement.

They will themselves recommend you to greater target customer groups. You share a commission with them. The success of an offer is the mainstay of the affiliate army. You need to manage it well basically.

Locate Joint Venture Partners

You will find within your list of customers potential JV partners. You can go on to inquire them straight away or find familiar names on the consumer list. You have made your first contact and go on to have JV partners if you manage to create a good impression with your product.

Get a Big Launch

There is certain inertia of movement which seemed to have arisen from your offer and now there is greater roll out that you are prepared to make. You also have your testimonials right. You have affiliates for publicity and JV partners to make that big launch that you have always hoped to get.