How to Hide the Blogger Navigation Bar

Do you want to remove or hide your Blogger navigation bar? As a regular dropper on the Entrecard community I noticed that many blogspot blogs have the usual navigation bar which is commonly visible at the topmost part of the site. Even purchased domains from Blogger still contain that prominent bar.

navigation bar

The blogger navbar surely has its own use such as giving you the convenience of signing in quickly to your Blogger account or allowing your readers to search your blog. However, it has a feature that can be use to “flag” or mark your blog as a spam with or without any reason. It may also spoil your sites professional looking theme.

Some visitors especially novice internet users may just wander away by clicking the “Next Blog” button. When I was a novice myself I thought that that was a part of the site’s navigation menu so I clicked the “next blog” only to find out that I was in another wonderland.

The easiest way to solve this is to choose a free blogger template that doesn’t contain the default navbar. However, there are many really elegant looking blogger themes with the navbar installed on it.

Well, what has been said above may not matter at all but if you want to hide your navbar then just insert a short line of code into your blog theme’s HTML.

1. Go to your Dashboard and select Layout. This will bring you to the Template Tab.

Layout tab

2. Select the Edit HTML tab. This will show your blog template’s HTML code.

template tab

3. Copy the code below.

#navbar-iframe {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

4. Paste it just below the template author’s section or as illustrated below. You may need to scroll down a little.

insert code

5. Save the changes and your done. Does your blog’s theme looks more like a pro now?