How to Get Your Tweets Retweeted

The key to getting your tweets to reach the maximum amount of people possible is to get them retweeted.  The potential for getting your tweet noticed skyrockets exponentially with each retweet.  The process of retweeting occurs when followers repost your message to their own followers, including your Twitter user name in the repost.  A retweet basically gives your tweet the potential of reaching an entirely new set of followers.

Getting your tweets retweeted will require some initial effort on your part.  First, you need an initial base of followers to whom you can tweet.  These people are part of the give-and-take process of Twitter.  By retweeting and commenting to followers’ tweets, you gain a stronger chance of having them do the same for you.  Be somewhat selective in what you retweet.  Instead pick important and valid tweets.  If you can build an online persona of responsibile retweeting, your followers will be even more likely to respect you and retweet the favor.

Considering the long term nature of your plan, it is best to avoid people who are not passionate about your ideas or appreciative of your tweets.  As an example, it is highly doubtful that the military enthusiasts you follow will be interested in your pacifist posts.  When your followers are interested in the same things you are, your posts are ripe for retweeting.

As Twitter permits a maximum of 140 characters per tweet, you need to make sure that every word you type is relevant to your context.  In other words, make use of few but effective words to make the most of the word count limit.  Avoid useless filler words.  Link shortening site like can help to reduce the amount of characters that your link takes up.

Remember that anyone who retweets your message needs enough space to include your Twitter name in the retweet as well.  Another important tip is to avoid tweets with uncommon abbreviations and excessive hashmarks, as chances of them being retweeted are minimal.  Twitter’s trend list is a useful resource for finding items to tweet about.

twitter marketingLike most things, there are peak and off-peak periods in the tweeting community.  Try posting when the highest number of followers will notice your tweets.  Unless you’re tweeting about a new nightclub, posting at 2am in the morning might not be a good idea.  Keep the statistics in mind. More than 200,000 tweets could potentially go out each hour.  If you pick a bad time, your tweet could become old news long before it is even read.

To increase the interest in your tweets, you can also include updates on unfolding events.  Talk about a current episode of a popular television show, live concert, or the hottest topic on the news.  If you add an interesting perspective to the conversation about such things, you will likely receive some retweets.

For a tweet to be retweeted, it typically has to stand out from the crowd.  Dull tweets about everyday occurrences are not going to be retweeted unless you can give them a unique twist that makes people take notice.  Humor is perhaps the best tool for garnering retweets.  Such tweets will always find themselves being retweeted to as many people as possible.

A retweet is worth the time and effort that it takes.  One 140-character tweet has the ability to be seen by millions of people if it gets retweeted.