How to Edit Your Timeline

As the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook provides individuals all over the world with the opportunity to connect and speak with one another instantaneously.

As the front runner of the social media industry, you can rest assured that the majority of individuals who use the internet for online business or whatever purposes will undoubtedly have a Facebook.

Considering that Facebook is a leading social industry leader, providing new and innovative features can prove to be exponentially beneficial, thus Timeline was presented to the general population.

Essentially with the implementation of  Timeline, Facebook users are able to take advantage of new and innovative features and an easier navigational aspect to the website itself.

Also, it provides users with the ability to manager their privacy setting in a more efficient manner and to personalize their page to meet their own personal taste.

Although the majority of users find that the Timeline has been beneficial, some critics are stating that it has made the Facebook experience far more difficult.

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One of the largest requests to Facebook from the users was to have a type of personalization feature, whether it be to change the layout of your profile page or to be able to use CSS or HTML to manipulate the colors and fonts of the page.

editing your facebook timelineAlthough this was not granted to the general public, users are now able to upload a cover photo. Essentially the cover photo is a giant banner that is at the top of your page and you can change it to whatever image you like. As an example, if you are a Coldplay fan you can change your cover photo to a picture of Coldplay.

Some other features that you will be able to manipulate on your profile page include: subscribing to new and/or old friends, editing your general Timeline, and even creating life events.

With the subscription option you will be able to see recent posts by the individual that you subscribe to instantaneously as they take priority over your other friends.

You will also be able to receive alerts that detail what the individual posted and when. With the general Timeline editing, individuals will be able to remove certain posts from their Timelines and even block certain users from reading a particular post.

As for the life events, you will be able to update certain activities that occur throughout your life such as the birth of your first child or a brand new engagement.

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