How to Create a Website For Business Coaches

If you are a business coach and want to sell your services on the internet, then definitely you need to have your own website. Nowadays, part of running a profitable business involves having a website and some knowledge on internet marketing but not necessarily about make money online. Wink.

If you teach your clients about the importance of the internet to the success of a particular business, you have to be sure you are using it yourself.

Okay, I understand that if you have never created a website before, you maybe somewhat overwhelmed and nervous about the entire process. After all, you want to get it right the first time. You don’t want to screw it just like I first did with this make money online site.

Your Online Business Site Options

To create your own online business website you have only two main options. It’s either you have to hire a web designer or do the work yourself.

The first option will cost you money; the second will demand your time and bring you possible headaches especially if you’re unfamiliar with HTML, PHP, and other web applications needed in the process.

If you don’t know these web developing applications, do not fret. You can still create an online website for your Business Coaching endeavor. One immediate solution to this is to simply opt for a web hosting package that includes a site building tool.

You can also easily create a WordPress based website. You can see it used by many make money online bloggers. It’s the one I use with this site.

Worpress is a free blogging software and can be configured just like those static HTML sites. It’s a one-click install especially if you use the Fantastico software which is commonly found on CPANEL web hosts.

Two Important Points To Consider

business coachBefore you get started on building your business coaching website, there are two important points you must know about designing your site.

First, a business coaching website should be professional and easy to navigate. Keep in mind that you are going to run a professional business site (and not the typical make money online crappy sites just like this one), so it should follow that your website has the same professional look and feel.

Second, it is better to have fewer pages. This is for better navigation and better user experience. Contact pages and important info about you and what you do should be easy to locate.

Again don’t emulate typical crappy make money online blogs like this one you’re reading now. Well, that is if you’re still reading this far. Wink again.

For sure no one wants to visit 10 different pages on your website before finally finding your contact information. Chances are, they will give up after the 5th and turn to a competing business coach.

Needed Tools For A Website For Business Coaches

For business coaches who are still starting to build their website these are some of the basic needs:

  • Web hosting package
  • Good domain name
  • Images or Pictures
  • Website Content

Web Hosting Package. You can easily find lots of hosting offers out there but you should be able to get affordable packages. Many web hosting companies offer discounts if you pay for a year or two. It’s even more economical if you pay in advance of more than 2 years. Of course, that depends on how long you want to keep your business coaching site running.

Now, if you plan to create the site yourself but don’t know HTML, then remember to opt for a package that includes a website building tool. You should gain access to hundreds of templates, colors, pictures, and fonts.

Some of the most affordable and reliable hosting companies are Anhosting and Hostgator.

Domain name. Choosing a good domain name is important. Although many clients will find you through the search engines (granted you market your business site properly), some will key in your website address directly. So it should be easy to spell and short. If possible it should be easy to brand. You can use your name, your business name, or a phrase related to business coaching or help.

Images and Pictures. As a business owner you should include a picture of yourself on your website. This is important for you because you will be working one-on-one with your clients.

You heard the saying, a picture speaks a thousands words. Be sure that it is a professional looking picture, but that you also look like a real and approachable person. Smile always.

The picture needs to show your clients that they can entrust you with their business and feel comfortable working side-by-side with you. You may also include some images to compliment or beautify your business site but be careful not to overdo it.

Website Content. You should divide your content into different sections and pages. Begin with the main or front page, also commonly referred as the home page.

This is the first page that people see when internet users type in your address at, for example, so you want to make it good and appealing.

Your professional looking picture should be located somewhere on the front page, such as in the upper right-hand corner. To start with, you should welcome visitors to your page and then start with a catchy tag line.

Here is an example: “Have you turned your dream of running a business into a reality, but does that reality feel like a nightmare? Let me help you improve your profits and get your dream back on the right track.” This phrase works best if you are targeting small to medium sized business owners.

Just below your tag line, highlight how you can help by using bullet points. For instance this can include:

  • team-building exercises
  • time management exercises
  • business communication exercises
  • sharing marketing tips
  • and more

Now that’s a live sample of bullet points. Make each of these clickable links leading to another page where you can elaborate more about the topic.

As a live example, most of the links you see on the sidebar of this make money online blog are all clickable, each leading to respective pages that talk about earning money online, blogging, and whatsoever.

At the new page where your visitors are directed after clicking one of those bulleted points, you can focus more about the service you offer.

For instance, if you’re coaching about communication building exercises then you could go on and stress the importance of etiquette, listening to clients, and summarize methods of communication.

You can further state the disadvantages and consequences for not having good communication skills. For example, a customer who doesn’t feel like they are being heard is likely to take their business elsewhere.

After that, you can then give a few samples on how you can help the management and employees improve communication in the workplace. But be careful not to give away too much information.

As an example, you can state that you can help employees write sample letters to each other and clients. You may proceed and dissect them and give suggested improvements.

Always remember to include your contact information at the bottom of every page. This should include your name and business name as well as business address, phone number, and email address.

I won’t however do that with make money online sites like this. It would be ridiculous.

If you want your potential clients easy to find you, be sure to make this easy by providing contact information at the bottom of each page.

It would help much better if you have a separate page, a contact page for example, that you can list on your menu bar and label it “Contact Us.” There should be nothing that appear on this page except your picture and contact information. You can also include a contact form if possible.