How to Make Money as a Nurse

Got you here because you’re a nurse searching how to make money online right? Well, I’m not a nurse but if you’re looking for other ways to make extra money in addition to your regular income, then there’s only one thing I can suggest.

Why not make a blog about your profession? What is a blog you might ask? You’re reading a blog right now. I guess there are many areas in your profession to write about. Off course this topic not only applies to nurses, it also applies to all kinds of professions as well.

As a nurse you can educate people about health management and other related concerns. For example you can write about tips and guides on how people can manage some diseases at home, what they can do about it, how they can detect such conditions at an early stage, and then how they can prevent the disease.

I guess you’ll like writing about these things since it’s what you do everyday as a nurse. You can even talk and go rambling about what happened on the hospital that day. You can turn it into some sort of a human interest story and people who loves it will keep coming back for more.

When I was in college I always have crushes on some girls at the nursing department. During that time it seemed that my mind was wired into the notion that nurses were the most beautiful girls in the campus.

Okay, back to the topic. Everyday many people are searching for health related solutions on the internet. Simple health concerns from acne to the complicated cancer and even mesothelioma are generating lots of queries on the search engines. If you write lots of informative contents around these topics you’ll be receiving lots of visitors from those searches.

So how can you make money from that?

Monetize it. There are many ways you can monetize your blog. The easiest way is by placing relevant ads from Google adsense or other ad networks. Another is by endorsing products which can solve the problem of those people reading your blog. This can be done by joining affiliate programs which have the related products to the topics you’re discussing.

You can read more about monetizing your blog in this post “How is money made from blogs“.


  • Shireishou

    Actually I really want ot make blogger as my job. But my parents dont give permission. 200$/month is not enough. Theyw ant me to work at office to get raised income. hix hix.. my blogging income still can raised. I’m still newbie . hix hix
    Btw nice article

  • Hugo Santos

    well. wrtigin about your job is alwasy a good idea. BUt we must not forget that in terms of health topics, many of the mare overcrowded like the examples you gave…

  • Shireishou, you can actually continue blogging on the side while you go on your regular job.

    Hugo Santos, you’re right. Generally speaking, health topics are somewhat overcrowded, but you can still make a niche out of it.