How I Was Introduced To Blogging

It’s over a year now since I started sitting in front of my old but ever enduring PC to search for ways to make money online. Can’t remember exactly how I came to know that it’s possible to earn a living online but the first thing I remember is that I was invited by a friend to join a paid social networking site.

The idea in that system is that you’ll earn a share for whatever revenue the social site may gain from ads (it was Google ads that time) that are cleverly placed on its member’s profiles.

With that arrangement my sponsor instructed me to click on the adsense ads on every member’s profile that I visit. This will help (according to them) the site earn more revenue and that means more earnings for its members. What a silly pursuit for pennies.

Of course, with almost every member performing invalid clicks Google finally banned the site from using the Adsense program.


But one thing that led me into the blogging sphere is an ad that I clicked from participating in that paid social site. The headline actually goes something like “Make Money With Your Blogs” or something like “make money blogging”, can’t remember the exact ad but it goes around those phrases.

It was an ad by John Chow actually. Yeah, he was still doing PPC campaigns for his already famous blog,, that time. It led me to downloading his Make Money Online eBook which talks about how he made a hefty living from blogging. Most of you may have read his ebook already.

You can go ahead and download his ebook if you’re interested to read it or if you’re a newbie in the world of blogging or make money online. To download just visit and you’ll see a pop-up asking you to subscribe in return for the ebook.

Disclaimer: I’m not a John Chow fanatic and I’m in no way connected with him nor endorsing him, Google might hate me for this lol, lol, lol… but if you’re a complete beginner there’s some gem to learn from that ebook but don’t get overwhelmed by the affiliate links provided there.

Okay, that’s the simple story how I was introduced into the world of blogging and make money online niche. It led me into discovering more bloggers, big and small, who claim to earn some income from their writing endeavors.

A question to ponder: Is it that bad or unethical to write for something you love to do while earning money from it?

The answer is more on common sense but maybe this is something to write about in the future posts.