How I Started Blogging

Blogging was almost frustrating for me as a beginner especially that I had almost zero level knowledge of all the stuffs involved. Not to mention the writing obstacles that I have to improve. And if your primary motivation in starting a blog is to make money online, its even more frustrating and excruciating.

For over three months, I spent much of the time learning the simple technical aspects of this highly engaging venture such as how to set-up a domain name, how to go around your webhost CPanel, how to upload and maintain your hosted WordPress platform, how to tweak or edit themes, how to install plug-ins, how to modify the HTML and PHP codes and so on.

Then I went into the wild west research on what is search engine optimization, what is off-page and onsite optimization, what are Meta tags and robots.txt, what is url redirection, how to use the Google webmaster tools, what is backlinking, and what is article submission, what is social bookmarking, how to use social sites, how to generate traffic, and how important to comment to other blogs. All of which is I thought was very important for a blog to start rolling successfully.

Because I wanted to generate income from this blog-o-blog I went on to study what is internet and affiliate marketing, website monetization, and adsense. Yeah I didn’t know what is adsense all about.

Next to that is how to restraint myself from being easily influenced and affected by all the negative things I encounter. And how to discipline myself from being easily lured and carried away by the thousands of seemingly promising opportunities on the net.

It’s really hard when you’re a newbie blogger starting from level zero. But it’s also rewarding when you began to discover many tricks and the so-called “secrets” that you can use and expand for your future blogging success.

Ah, there’s so much yet to learn. Thank God for the blogs.


  • Nishadha

    It is especially hard in the beginning , especially if you are trying to make money online ,there are lots of people out there who tries to discourage you when they got to know they you are trying to make money online. And as you said avoiding the scam opportunities is the next hardest thing

  • Vikki

    Aside from learning the technicalities, you also have to invest some money (you gotta pay for something like your domain name and webhosting services), too. Blogging requires a lot of dedication. It takes so much of your precious time as well. But the feeling of having accomplished something (even as mundane as posting an article a day) is priceless (at least, to me). Just knowing that people who drop ECs can at least read something new each day is an accomplishment. Whether they leave a comment or not. 🙂

  • Beau71

    I just started as blogging a couple months ago. So many tips and tricks to learn. And there is always something new to learn. Good luck with you blog.

  • goofblogger

    I was in the same boat as yourself just a few weeks ago. Setting up the domain, using a new hosting system. I plan on treading slowly. I will introduce some more affiliate sites for advertising on my blog after researching them well.

    Keep up the good work. Your blog is progressing well.

  • Joy

    I really don’t have knowledge about this thing blogging until I found friendster blog. That was the start. Exploring and learn from the seniors and then enhance what I have learned.

  • roxxymetal

    Yeah it can be very overwhelming at first but you get the hang of it. I still learn new things all the time. I think having your own blog is very rewarding, it is something that is all yours.

  • Low Han Yew

    Wow… Seems like the technical stuff really bothered you a lot. I started ‘blogging’ when a friend ‘gave’ me a blogger blog in 2004. But, recently, I moved my blog to my own domain and I think this is when I really started to blog. Blogging is fun!