Happy New PageRank!

Happy New Year!

And happy new Google PageRank (PR) update to everybody. Congratulations to those who have gained back their PR’s and to those who got some “greens” for the first time.

Just a quick observation though.

Some of the neglected blogs which I never expected to gain some PR are showing some greens of 1 and 2. Those blog are very rarely updated in terms of content and I didn’t put them into some kind of link exchanges. One blog has never got a PR has finally awarded with 2 when I manually removed all redirect urls and added “nofollow” tag to all the affiliate links there.

On the other hand this blog which I care the most and which I also wished to get some greens, remained stuck on the big fat zero. Hmm, I guess I forgot to remove some redirect urls by tinyurl and also forgot to remove the pages that mentioned many of the paid blogging sites. As a part of my experimental blogging, I’ll be removing the suspected culprits and see what happens next PR update.

Well, there’s no great deal being serious about PageRanks anymore. What is important is you got your website rolling and getting traffic form the search engines.

What’s new PageRanks?

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