A Good Example of Networking

Monica, a single parent and beautiful lady started blogging. According to her friends, she’s a total noob in the world of blogging and internet marketing but by the way I look she’s not an ordinary person. She has the charisma and a strong network of prominent people.

John Chow, Shoemoney, and other prominent guys on the blogging and internet marketing industry helped propel her to instant stardom. John helped her setup a WordPress blog and even wrote a post about it on his blog. Shoemoney and other bloggers on their circle have written a plug about her on their respective blogs.

With all those big publicity it shouldn’t be a surprise that she hit the success mark just days after launching her blog. She immediately got a massive amount of traffic that every newbie bloggers are trying to get after several months. This is what her friends on her sphere of blog connections are bragging about it.

Well, this is a very good example of having a good network of friends and contacts as well. One of its immediate benefits is that you can have a successful launch within days of releasing a new website or blog.

Off course, aside from Monica’s beauty which appeals to most guys, her very personal topics about her life and daughter which appeals to many single moms and parents gave her a big plus. I just learned that (single) parenting topics can be a good niche too and to make money from blogs does not mean talking about how to make money.

There is only one thing I disagree. They’re trying to compare her instant stardom (as far as traffic is concerned) with ordinary beginners. Many beginners might take the wrong notion that it will be that easy getting lots of readers in just few days or weeks after starting a blog.

As to my experience as being nobody trying to start a blog, by the way I’m not a single mom, I have to say that I have a very long way to climb. If you’re the person who still has no strong network (of prominent people)…

… Then you really have to join Entrecard. Lol…

There are actually lots of other social blogging sites where we can network such as Mybloglog, Blogcatalog, Plurk, Twitter, and the likes.

Thanks for reading and dropping.

Update June 2009: Another post trying to kiss an ass. See how I was engrossed at trying to chase the social traffic.

You know what? Very tiring. I was not really good at it.


  • feefifoto

    I want that network of prominent bloggers too. It’s coming, but with all deliberate speed. Entrecard has been solid gold for me but Twitter and MyBlogLog took more spare time than I had to spare.

  • Monica Durazo

    Thank you for writing so nicely about me…and just so you know, I COMPLETELY AGREE with you in that I did have a BIG HUGE like IMMEASURABLE boost from Shoemoney and John Chow…and Ian Fernando.

    I KNOW if it hadn’t been for them, I’d have like 2 readers, really. Yet as of now, I still dont have that many. I really just write cause I like it and I love the creativity I can have with my blog.

    I really appreciate how nicely you wrote and the friendly tone in your “typing” ;o)