Gone Mimbo

I notice that Magazine styled WordPress themes like Brian Gardner’s Revolution are becoming popular and so it gave me an idea to experiment with some free Magazine based wp themes on make money online blogs.

I really like the overall design of Darren Hoyt’s Mimbo magazine theme. It was originally designed for online magazines and online newspapers but I think with just some hacks and customizations here and there it can also be used for some other kind of blogs.

Mimbo 2.2

If you also want to try this free WP theme go ahead and download the latest version, Mimbo 2.2.

The only requirement in using this kind of themes is that you must be patient in playing with codes since you need to edit or modify several files and lines of code before you can finally use it. If you have some knowledge about HTML and CSS then it would just be easy for you to do some modifications.

There are many cool and elegant looking Magazine themes being offered at DigitalPoint Forums for free but I don’t want to use them since they are embedded with strange looking codes at the footer. Many of the strange codes are, I guess, encoded using PHP encoder programs like ionCube.

What discourages me from using protected PHP codes is that you don’t know what it contains. There are some that may contain lots of links to unwanted sites or may even contain some kind of malicious programs.