Getting the Most from Affiliate Programs

affiliateIt is very important to get a decent commission from your affiliate programs because you are spending your hard earned money and valuable time on sending warm ready to buy traffic to your merchant’s site and getting him sales so it stands to reason that you do not want to be working for pennies. Here are some points to check:

Percentage of commission
One of the first things you should check in regards to commissions is the percentage of sales they offer. It’s best to go for 20% and above. A commission of 10% is not worth it even for a high end product. Remember you have to put up the money and time for advertising and marketing. Your expenses need to be covered and allow you to be in profit.

Residual income
Look for affiliate programs that pay a good commission monthly. Usually, these are programs like autoresponders and membership sites. Other good sources of residual income are recurring sales like vitamins and health products that customers will order again and again.

two tier affiliate2-tiered programs
Look for 2-tiered affiliate programs where you will earn passive income from your sub affiliates. However, do not rely on these as the percentage will be quite small, but try to build up a number of sub affiliates to supplement your income. Some super affiliates are earning substantially from an army of affiliates under them.

Good sales copy and sales page that converts well
It is a waste of time and money sending warm, ready to buy traffic to your sponsor if they do not have a good sales page. As a rule of thumb, if you would not be persuaded to buy from the sales page there is every reason to believe that others will feel the same way.

Good quality product
There is no point promoting substandard or low quality products and services. This will only harm your credibility.

You can make money and increase profits with your affiliate programs when you apply these points.