Getting Targeted Leads

Did you experience getting untargeted leads to one of your money making campaign? I was running a campaign in an attempt to gather targeted leads for one of my experiments on making money online. It was system designed to capture leads that could be interested in taking offers.

When the prospect takes on one offer inside you could be paid $20. So basically it’s some sort of make money online promoting special offers. And to be able to be qualified to get paid a newly registered member/affiliate should complete at least one offer.

The offers inside that system are, unfortunately, mostly designed for people residing in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. There are rarely international offer that would somehow qualify those outside the formerly mentioned countries. These offers are mostly concentrated on consumer debts, credit cards, and some technology related products.

There are, however, offers such as web hosting services that can be availed by international affiliates. I happen to subscribed to one webhosting offer called Simply Hosting but unfortunately their services sucks big time.

I was thinking at least I have other web hosting to host one of my sites and at least diversify my IP address. Bummer of all bummers, I just found out through their email that my order is on hold and I need to call their Customer Care team to talk about my order.

What for? I paid around $4.95 for that subscription with a verified debit card. The email further stated that after 5 working days of no response from me my order will be deleted! What the hell of a kind of web hosting service was that?

internet marketing leadsI’m paying two webhosting accounts without having to call the customer service or whatsoever just to verify my account.

Anyway, that’s their business and I’m just venting out my opinion here.

Let’s go back to the topic.

As I mentioned earlier I tried to promote a so called free cash making system as part of my endless make money experiments. I was a little bit surprised to see that most folks who subscribed were not the ones I was trying to get. Well, I shouldn’t be surprised about that since most of the visitors of this blog are coming from outside the three territories that I was trying to target.

The result: a lot of sign ups but no sales at all. Why? Firstly, most of the offers are not suitable for them. Secondly, those who managed to go the offers page don’t have a valid credit or debit card which is required to take any of the items offered. Thirdly, most of these folks could have been disappointed that they need to “buy something” or “invest a few bucks” to be eligible to get payments.

Conclusion: the best place to promote such money making system are on sites that are frequented by your targeted prospects. The best sites for it are,, and the like.