Get Paid To Translate With Real Translator Jobs

Can you really make money online by doing tranlator jobs? Many people have already proven that it is possible to make money online writing. But jobs such as translating simple emails, documents, short books, movie scripts, and audio conversions, is it real?

Lately, I just observed some new ads about  translation jobs from home, freelance translation jobs online, translation vacancies, foreign language translation jobs. Some goes very specific such as spanish translator jobs, arabic translation jobs, italian translation jobs, translator jobs in nyc, japanese to english translation jobs, and even Tagalog into English!

Well, there a lot of existing professional translation services online and there are also a lot of translation agency jobs out there. But new sites like the one we see on ads must be something that be investigated to see if what is being promised is legitimate.

According to some reports, over 100,000 new translator jobs were created worldwide during the last couple of years. If these were accurate then it means a big opportunity for your to earn decent income especially if you can speak English. What more if you are able to speak several language! You could become a sought after home translator and therefore are in a position to earn extra cash.

If you’re interested with this kind of online money making gig then there are lots of freelance sites out there such as Odesk and that can greatly help you find translation jobs agencies and companies who have direct access to small businesses that needs people to translate important stuff for them.

NOTE: When hunting for online gigs like this, it’s best to find reputable and well established freelance sites that do not require you upfront payment just to join the program.


  • Ina

    Real Translator Jobs
    Posted 06-25-2011 at 08:45 AM by Smrithi
    I signed up here a month back, when there were no scam listings about it. They claim in their ads to offer job listings but when you sign up, you only see a list of translation agencies that you could have found out yourself from google.

    They offer a 60 day money back guarantee. I haven’t yet received my money though I’ve asked for a cancellation of membership and refund. Aren’t they legally bound to hold on to the guarantee?

  • agnes a, magdaug

    i’m some kind of interested with this type of a part time job but with Ina’s testimony i am now confused

  • Jorge

    I was interested in get this kind of part time job at Real Translators Job.
    By the time I tried to sign up, I realized about this blog. I read about Ina’s comment and I closed the window from Real Translators Job ride away. They asked me more than two times if I wanted to close the window without taking the SUPER offer of membership from $60 to $24 and then from $24 to $14.

    Pay double attention on them ! … I don’t believe this website is legitimate.

  • penelope

    have just signed in for the translator’s online job, paid charges from my card, and waiting for feedback to start working!
    – and earning of course – God, is it a fake job ? really wonder

  • ackstua

    Not only is the site a scam, but how insulting is it to real professional translators that this site even (supposedly) presumes to offer translation jobs to people with no experience??? People go to school to study translation, it’s not just bilingual typing, it’s actual work! It’s a profession that should be respedted.

  • Niek

    I’ve sign up and paid through my CC to joint with realtranslator job about 3 weeks ago but i dont get any info and everytime i tried to login just get through their website and nothing i can do with that. Anyone now how to contact the realtranslator job to cancell my membership? And get my money back.

  • abbey

    Most (not all) legitimate sites do not ask for any membership fees, promise!..

  • Dorceus

    I need to find a translating job.